Feeling ‘Perfect’

I’m kinda just feeling really blessed. I know that sounds ‘cheesy.’ But I just can’t find the right word? I guess it’s just weird that almost every single day I wake up, a little dream of mine seems to come true? I don’t know why? I don’t know how? Maybe i’ve served my time of hardship? Yet, right now…I’m kinda on a ‘roll’ and i just feel so lucky. I just feel so grateful. I’m beaming from the inside out. Something’s happened? I don’t know what? Yet, the airs of Wunna land are glittered with luck and happiness. It’s swirling all the way around us, filled with love and sassy cheer. I feel really fortunate. It’s Feb 10th 2020. It’s a really good time to be me. Lol.

But let me take you back…

Obviously I started filming ‘Perfect.’ It’s a remarkable film. I’ve already filmed by bits, so i’m personally ‘wrapped’ on it now. Yet it was just such an honour to work alongside the Northern Film School (it’s one of the best film schools in the nation AND it’s based in Leeds.) I was and STILL AM, so grateful to be given the opportunity to create such magic with the people who ARE the ‘future of film.’

Everything they deliver is first rate. It’s first class. It’s a dream. I mean, any chance I get the opportunity to work alongside them, I do. They’re so utterly professional, in an almost fun, yet sophisticatedly- slick… manner. They’re organised. They trust each other’s work. But most of all they’re kind and they’re talented. They truly go above and beyond, the call of duty, to make their films magical. There are never any ‘egos’ and as soon as you walk onto ANY of their sets, you just FEEL a creatively, contagious excitement.

I got to play ‘Paula,’ in the film ‘Perfect.’ She was the nations most loved ‘Talk Show Host’ and it was just the most phenomenal experience. I mean even when Olly first gave me the call to tell me, that he wished to offer me the role, I was ecstatic. I filled up with excitement. I knew it was right!

I did a lot of improv for my role. I always think i’m rubbish at improv. Yet it’s weird how when you feel so comfortable on set, you kinda get carried away with it all. It becomes so real. Lets say if ‘chatting shit’ was a forte…it certainly was mine, on that day. Haha. I was lucky enough to work alongside the lovely Clint Gordon, who plays ‘Vince Locke.’ ( I mean, they couldn’t have cast a better guy for that role.) Yes, he’s delightfully attractive. Which is always a bonus, when on set…;) Yet, I never want THAT to take away from the fact, that he’s actually a truly wonderful actor. I guess, a lot of people will always talk about the way he looks. Yet I want you to notice the work that he does…

No-one works as hard as Clint. He’s gracious. He’s kind. Yet he’s ambitious. He wants to do well. He’s a true talent & goes ‘above and beyond’ to make sure he delivers his role appropriately.

But at the same time…he’s fun.

We’re both Leeds. We’re both Northern. So ‘on & off’ set we got on really well, which made ‘on screen’ chemistry so so easy…and you really do need that. I mean, great banter, cups of tea (or in my case black coffee, with all the sugars,) bad jokes, waiting around in Green Rooms, makeup rooms, line running, piss taking, selfies, laughter, chats about life and filming took place.

Me: ‘I can see ya cogs turning…

Clint: ‘I don’t want you to be able to see the cogs turning. They’re always turning.’

Me: ‘We need to find someone to take all our BTS shots? Haha… Did you smuggle your phone onto set? I did…’

Clint: ‘Yeah, yeah… Anyway, I’ve stolen these party rings from the green room, for a sugar fix. D’ya want one?’

Me: ‘Nooo….Where are we filming the next bit from?’

In a day, i must’ve made a hundred great memories, that i’ll carry for a lifetime. From ‘brow time’ with the makeup artists, watching Ebony solve everyones problem on set …with anything from a bag of basil, lemon tea or a nose in her hand. Olly’s ‘Everything is going to be okay’ smile. He has the best ‘Everything is gonna be okay’ smile. Wes, made me laugh, between takes, shouting fake ‘CUTS’ and between hand shaking with the extras. I had excellently sensible, yet brief chats with Lydia, who plays ‘Luisa’ (the female lead)…over pasta, fake noses and ‘I brought a cuppa soup.’ I love Lydia & Ian (who plays her Father in the film) very dearly. I didn’t actually do any of my scenes with them. But it was great to be part of something with them…I’m excited to watch their scenes, at the screening!

Jannah Zainol. The kindest Director, in the world ever. There’s a sweetness…a softness. Yet at the same time, she knows exactly what she wants, exactly how she’s like it to be done and exactly how to bring the best out of everyone. She’s sharp. She’s dynamic. Yet she’s calm. She’s not troubled by anything, in any way and i love that.

She told me that i’d brought such a ‘warmth’ to the set and It made me smile. It’s the things like that, that she is also SO great at. I loved every moment I had working with her.

Yet, the whole entire team, itself….I couldn’t have worked with a better bunch. Every single person on that set WANTED TO DO WELL. Everyone was alive, even during the ‘chill’ times…where you kinda HAVE TO find something to occupy yourself. Every single person on that set, wanted to give their best. They wanted to help one another, create a story & make movie magic. They kinda wanted to do themselves justice and fill out their role wholeheartedly. You just can’t go wrong, with people like that. Y’know, when you’re surrounded by such talent, love and passion.

I can’t wait for the screening…I know the film’s gonna do so well. It’s really well cast. 😉

So, pleeeeease do head over to their Instagram page and give them a follow. There’s so much happening behind the scenes, that you can ‘in the moment’ watch, as they film, edit and produce.


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So much creativity in one room

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Then… as my day on set finished…my phone *pinged,* so I looked down and scrolled…before i headed up to the changing rooms, to get back into my normal clothes….

There was an email…it read…

‘Hi Chrissie,

We would like to offer you the role….

And just like that I blinked…and I found myself…

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  1. I just say first time i seen you yet i cant remember a thing you was saying because my mind swiched of and just took in how beautiful you are


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