Feeling McFuzzy

Still feeling a bit fuzzy, and kinda just ‘nodding n smiling’ at people like i’m actually listenning to what they’re saying. I mean, how can i make my ears work, when i can’t even seem to keep my goddam eyes open?? Feel my pain! My throats a bit sore, because the weather decides to be lovely, until i step two feet out the door. Then it decides, to quite ungracefully RAIN all over me. I catching a quick whiff of the cold. It’s hilarious, but really not that funny or interesting??? (God, my blog is shit.)

Work is great, and i’m prepping for the BIG shoots. I can’t shoot until my boobies are exactly right, so i’m vigorously massaging them to McSoften them quickly, so i can play!! I’m dying to work, and i have the best job in the world ever. I’m Lucky, so i just need to speed up the recovery! I hope you’re all okay, and stuff?? I’m sure you are…Fridays are always fun, no matter where or what you are?? Well that’s kinda not true..but…oh whatever! I’m just babbling, so i’m gonna trot off and grab me a cuppa!!


I love you x

2 thoughts on “Feeling McFuzzy”

  1. fridays are the guvna u have a few jars with your pals get in watch the boxing and have a few more light ales then u wake up saturday feeling sweet and go and get right out on the swill. i hope your mods get better soon so u can crack on with work chrissei havea lovely weekend treacle take care babe tada scratch


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