Feeling Flirty


Not sure what’s happened but i’m feeling exceptional flirty right now, to the point where i felt the very sad, sorry need to blog about it. I feel naughty, free, minxy and like i should cause some jolly old trouble for my own sick kicks!! I’m feeling fun loving, like i can take over the world and that every hot boy i see today deserves a bit of a ‘winky, winky, pout.’

1 thought on “Feeling Flirty”

  1. I feel the same.
    Unfortunately, the only reason to wink where I am is to temporarily save your poor eyes from looking at all of the morons in Essex! *shudders*

    haaa I love this photo of us…. I really wish I’d gelled my hair now… I am currently typing this whilst drinking JD and Lemonade, which I believe this photo was the first time I’d ever heard of such a beverage! Fabulous!

    Miss you loads you skanky-lisa-whore xxx


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