Feeling Finger Licking Good

Done wallowing in self pity! I had to have a moment of ‘get over yourself.’ Feeling amazing today, like i can ride the wave of a storm in nothing but heels. I’ve got a busy day for someone that was meant to be having a little day off. There’s no rest for the wicked, and wicked is certainly something i aspire to be! (Mwahaha!) For those of you with a case of ‘da blues’…the only way to get over it is to simply cheer up! That should be everyones motto in life. ‘CHEER the balls UP goddamit! I’m walking around seeing everyone pulling faces. Quit it, get happy!

I’ve got lots to do, like a shoot, and a couple meetings. I have a shopping trip with my Mother in Doncaster (so yes my cherubs, for those of you that want to meet me, i’ll be there today) and well i’m sorting out my show reel. My love life is currently divine. Which makes a good old change. ‘Latin Lover’ is being everything i need him to be right now, and well… i’m still being a tit of  nuisance, yet luckily he likes it. I’ve got a lot on my plate as i’m aorting out two lives at once. My life in Britain which is difficult, because there’s a bundle more people who are less accpeting of The Wunna and her party tricks. (Middle finger to you all, and a sprinkle of rainow glitter.) And there’s my life in LA..which well always goes a great deal better than anything really.

I’m in a bit of a rush, so i’m finding it hard to be amusing at the same time as telling you my story. I will tell you that this morning my coffee tastes like chicken. CHICKEN!! Heellllo? I’m meant to be the Queen of jolly old Greatness! I’m sure i deserve a chicken-less tasting coffee before noon. There’s like lumps of fat swimming in it and glitter???? Haha! (I have ‘Poker face’ playing in the background. It’s rather distracting.)

My friend has a rash on his finger and he believes it’s from a chick he tried to sleep. He actually failed to bed her, because she decided to ‘do one’ at the last minute after he called her ‘Easy.’ How romantic. Smooth mover! I think it’s hilarious how he still mamanged to get an STD on his finger, without even having to have sex with the lady. It’s the way of the world! I think they should advertise condoms like they do PG tips, or Kitchen roll. Add a famous slut of a face to the campaign, like the boys who are hailed as ‘Serial Playboys” and i bet more of our ‘obsessed with celebrity’ youth would buy them, and maybe even use them instead of blowing them up? I never understood that??

Godda run

Chrissie Wunna

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