Feed them to the Lions

So today i’m feeling very sorry for myself. I’ve only just got up, it’s like 11am, and already i’ve click, click scrolled through my stupid mass load of emails, and one after the other they all decided to tell me BAD things! UGH! The hearing of BAD things gets draining, and i’m all for saddling up, and jumping right back on that ‘happy donkey’ thing, yet as of right now, and because of my case of ‘Da Blues’ and because i want to feel sorry for myself, and because my life sucks and everybody hates me….(almost done complaining now,) i’m making the executive decision to mop around like a miserable cow, due to the unfairness of life? (who knows, i’ll be over it after coffee.) But really i am sad and i feel ugly! (well maybe i won’t  go that far…but i am really sad.) Now i get why ‘bringers of bad news’ were shot, sworded, fed to the lions or stoned to death! ( i think i’m moving into ‘drama queen’ mode.) Yet hopefully..after coffee, i will regain my va voom, as i think the mix of ‘morning time’ and a flurry of ‘bad news emails’ is just a devastating combo. I need music, i need sambuca, and what is ‘love potion number 9??’

1 thought on “Feed them to the Lions”

  1. dont worry chrissie turn that frown upside down babe. im such a poet aint i babe. when i get stroppy i do two things headbut something coz u forget what u are depressed about but the down side is u have a headach. or i get pissed and have a laugh with me light ales. that is the best course of action i hope u heel better soon chrissie take care babe tada scratch


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