Fat bitch

So i’m fat. I just took my snap shots and although my boobs are yum, the lower half of me is ‘eww…’ Not only that but i manged to fake tan myself all wrong, so i was dark in places i should be light, light in places where there should be only darkness, and yeah…did i mention that i’m fat? I could cry…or just have a vodka . I need to go on a crazy and very immediate diet, pronto. UGH!! There’s gonna be no messing around. I got so use to everyone telling me how beautiful i was, that i didn’t notice the tiny extra pudge. Well it’s not tiny, i’m only saying that, so you’re not grossed out. It’s yucky! My nipples are soooooooooooooo sore, right now too!! Ugh!! I’m a mess.. And really great eyelashes aren’t gonna book me the job!!! I need ‘body oooh laa.’ i’m icky!! Hahahah!! I seriously need to diet.

6 thoughts on “Fat bitch”

  1. eat special k 2 bowls a day for two weeks it falls of or so it says on the box just cut out the ale u drink up there get on the straight vodka no coke. or just take up smack either way u will lose your derby chrissie i bet it aint even bad babe good luck geting in nick again babe take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. i know booze makes u lose weight dont it i can get u quality smack if u realy want ot lose the weight chrissie lol. i tried weight lose pills but they didint work goinig down the gym is the best way ot lose the derby chrissie do the old sit up exercises babe take care chrissie tada scratch


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