Fashion Challenge

Me on the telly about to me told i have to make a dress for Miss. Hilton. The Wunna doesn’t do making dresses very well sober. Luckily i was on Team Flic, with 4 other people who could tend to such nonsense. I literally spent the time posing, talking to the crew and eating sandwiches…but i did on occasion look like i was ‘being really busy,’ just so i wouldn’t get kicked off. Infact, one of the expert designers, designed and sewed this amazing fun golden motive to my jeany bum (right hand cheek) whilst everyone else sweated out the challenge. (Hahah!)  They were designing…i was being designed for. And that’s probably why we lost! LOL

I love this bit of randomness :

(It mirrors the way my life kind of works.)

5 thoughts on “Fashion Challenge”

  1. I loved it! The producer would be like, ‘Chrissie what are you doing?’ And i’d have a 3 sandwiches shoved in my mouth, someone sewing designer patches on my bum and be nowhere near the dress i was supposed to be making. YES!!


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