Fancy dress funeral

Wouldn’t it be weird to go to a fancy dress funeral??? That’s what i woke up thinking??? (therapy please.) Then i watched early morning ‘Big Brother’ because i missed it last night…due to ‘jubilant follies’ and after viewing ‘Dale’ and ‘Stu’ funkily dancing on treadmills, i desparately want to smear my boobs all over them…repeatedly…until i die… my fancy dress funeral….hahahaha!! God they’re HOT!! AND they’re both, what i like to call ‘cheeky charmers.’ Cheeky charmers are my favourite!! I like boys, who flirty make fun of me, at the same time as going on about, how they worship the ground i walk on. They both (like moi)  have the ‘Northern charm.’ It’s a precious gift to have….sometimes??

I’m a bit knackered today, so i’m taking it easy. I have a busy next week, and i can’t check my email, due to the fucking up of ‘AOL.’ UGH!! ‘You’ve got mail!’ – Well then give it too me FUCKERS!! I shouldn’t swear before 10am…it’s unGodly. I need to make coffee pronto…i’m hearing voices in my head. I feel rough. Yet, i look divine…hahaha!! I can’t wait to go back to work!!! I need my scars to heel.

6 thoughts on “Fancy dress funeral”

  1. im pleased u had a good night chrissie. dont u get hangovas babe if i get right on the swill im festering on the couch the next day with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. northern charm is good babe but i think the best charm is a cockney charm. i hope your scars heel for u chrissie so u can get back to graft have a great p.o.e.t.s day today babe take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. aing u herd that saying before chrissie it is one of me faves. it is up there with body of baywatch face of crimewatch lol. have a great day chrissie tada scratch

  3. ok sweet i live to please chrissie i hope u are having a blinding poets day and have sunk a few sherberts down your gregory take care chrissie tada scratch

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