Family Fun, Love and Rememberance

I can’t believe i missed the first episode of ‘I’m a Celebrity.’ I didn’t even know it was on and well with it being one of my favourite shows on the telly, alongside a bit of ‘Real Housewives…,’ CSI and whatever else i quite fancy these days, it’s a real shame i missed it. I wanted to see Hugo’s ‘Made in Chelsea’ breakdown. I wanted to see celebs ‘act a fool’ for large sums of money for the simple sake of humourous entertainment. But i missed it AND i have preggo toothache. Apparently preggo toothache is normal, as there’s a saying stating that you lose a tooth every time you gain a child. Wonderful! As i simply can’t wait to look like the hibble hobble wicked, one toothed woman, who lives under a bridge, with her 42 half asian children. (I always say half asian, because i could never sleep with a man an from the orient. Not because i’m racist, before you all get going with you’re ‘out of contexts,’ yet weirdly because i associate it with my little brother and Dad, meaning it seems mentally wrong for me to McBonky and ‘get sexy’ an oriental man. Plus, i’m married now, so the only babies i’m having are Mr. Keiran’s. We have one on the way and it’s giving me toothache. I’m charmed, lucky and well never really going to be living under a bridge. Not in my new Estee Lauder foundation either. (Works wonders it does. Any ageing sad cases like me, with a touch of the cocktail, glamour pussy vanity. Grab it now. It’s the Double Wear range. It’s reasonably priced and flawless. Infact, i wore it to the photoshoot that i did in London for the thingi’m filming and the makeup ladies, who wear lovely and great at *juuuuuuudddddsssssiiiiinnng,* pulled it out of my hand, whilst i was sat infront of a well lit mirror, saying ‘wow that’s a thick one.’ (That phrase as meant many a thing in my life. Reminds me of the time BBF Layla, showed me a picture on her mobile of Calum Best’s willy, while i was eating a salad.) Anyway, they thought it was too thick a foundation and questioned if i really needed it. YES! Is always the answer to that. The thicker, the milkier, the more delicious, the better! (This is all sounding wrong. But i assure you i’m far too brain dead to be smuttily humourous today.) I’m an almost 32 year old, glamour puss. I need fricking need the coverup. Let alone everything else under the sun. But on the whole, it’s making me feel sexy and well when anything makes you feel good, you totally know it’s worth it. (Sleeping with the gardener however, is never worth it. Incase you try and use my blog to justify your horrific case of infidelity. 🙂 )

So, i had a lovely weekend this weekend. I purchased jewels with my mother. (A store had some fine bits of jewel magic arrive early and they wanted to see if my mum wanted to buy any of it before they put it out on floor. She did…because she’s a sucker for a pretty gem. I didn’t and because i’m tight. I’m saving these days for the ultimate dream house, family and babies. I’m almost there. Meaning where my doctor mother can screech ‘yes-gimme-gimme’ at a £2000 gold bracelett. I am a very deliberate and very stern ‘ah hell no.’ Diamonds will be my thing when i’m an oldie, in my mansion, running my life like a Queen. I do feel like that is my life now, yet it isn’t where my imagination as taken me, so i still have a lot of work to do. Plus, girly tradition in me believes that jewelery should always be bought for you, by a gentleman. Well unless there’s a rock you just can’t resist and the gentleman you’ve chosen for your ‘forever’ just can’t cut the bill. Then ofcourse, it’s your womanly pergoative to buy buy buy! You have 6 weeks until Christmas Eve, just to add the pressure. 🙂
Anyway, Sunday was spent in ‘Rememberance.’ Incase you  didn’t know, my handsome hubby Keiran, used to serve in the Army, so yesterday was a really important day for him. I’m never one to have really taken too much notice in ‘Rememberance Sunday’ other than wearing a poppy, as i’ve always been against war and those going to it. So it was really good to hear the war stories of others on the telly and understand what they went through. It certainly opened my eyes and gave me a great deal more respect for all those who served and their families who suffered. Ruby, Keiran and I all stood hand in hand at the 11th hour in silence. Even little Rubes managed it, in order to pay our our living room, as we watched the Queens service on the BBC, on a black rug, under the chandelier. Then weirdly Keiran and I got brand new looks, hair, outfits and style and rocked them like we were a fashion show to Sunday Dinner at Newmiller dam, with the gorgeous and very chatty Baby Ruby, who was soo wonderful ALL day.
I don’t know what happened to Keiran and i yesterday, but we certainly what i call ‘stepped up our game’ yesterday with our ‘look.’ It was quite Zoolander of us. But we are. Plus, it was totally randomly out of the blue. I looked like the rejected member of the Pussycat Dolls and he looked liked he has just stepped onto the catwalk for Roberto Cavali. We loved it, laughed, loved upon each other and then acts spuds, with Yorkshire puddings, before taking a family walk around the Newmiller dam park. The day was perfect and we couldn’t have been happier. Our relationship is tremendous right now. We’ve managed to get our priorities right and be decent human beings to one another. I feel really loved and really really lucky, as he’s being extremely supportive, loving, affectionate and helpful and in this moment i usually tell you that we’re back to ‘fairytale.’ But we’re not. We’re waaay waaaay beyond it and more. Cloud 9 would be jealous. Our little family is currently consumed with utter, utter pure love and it feels magical. It feels the way it always should be and sort of the more we leave people out of interferring within our bubble…the better we are. We have a lot going for us…so as always i feel lucky.
 There was infact a moment yesterday where were walking around Newmiller dam, by the water, guarded by the woodland trees, as Ruby was in Keiran’s arms after playing with the ducks and with her charming little face, looked at him and said ‘Mummy’s hand.’ So in order to make her feel complete, he grabbed my little kitten hand and held it, so she could see, as that is all she wanted. All my little one year old wanted in that moment, was to be part of a happy, holdy handy family…which is what we’ve taught her to be and how we symbolise love to her. (We’re a huggy, kissy family.) As soon as we were walking, under the Autumn afternoony skies, all cuddled up, hand in hand as a family, with laughter, she *beamed* her little smile like her life couldn’t BE any better. It made my world complete. So like i always say, it doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny 1 year old, in her woollen mittens, a 28 year old man, who has come a long way in life to find the things that make him complete, or an almost 32 year ageing, but BEAUTIFUL 🙂 Glamour puss. Love and that little bit of kissy, kissy, hand holding is sometimes all you need to get you through life. That’s why people search for it so aggressively, even when they pretend they’re not. (I don’t liek ti when people…especially male OR female ‘player’s who pretend they’re not looking for love at all, because they’ve secretly been hurt.) There’s nothing wrong with admitting you enjoy to be truly loved and will love back if that person is right for you.) It’s not easy to find your ‘forever.’ But i think every single person is destined too, however you will only ever be able to embrace your Mr. Right, or your ‘Little Miss.Forever’ if you are willing to open up and just love, under the promise of ‘lets do life together.’
I’m feeling wonderful right now and have done over the last couple weeks after a stormy first preggo and rather hormonal trimester. I’m ready to get my ‘ooh laa’ back on and enjoy everything that i’m going through. Wunna land is currently still filled with snotty noses right and flu symtoms, and my poor husbands had to scratch at walls for a bit of bedroom loving. But i’m back on track now and feeling very loving.*Wiggle-wink.* Maybe it’s because..well i dunno…but it’s all delicious and good. If it’s Christmas Eve in 6 weeks, then it means it’s means IT’S MY BIRTHDAY IN 5!!!
I hope you’re feeling dandy and getting excited for the season that is upon us and since i’m still being all preggo sensible and boring, have a rummed up brandy for me and make sure you do it with that extra bit of tinsel bitches!

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