Family Day & Soulmates

The above is a link to Chrissie Wunna’s SONG of THE DAY!!! Go to it, be happy and prosper and all that good stuff. For all those of you trying to find your way in life KNOW that i’m rooting for you….I love everyone and want you ALL to be the best you can be.

After my day of sheer insanity yesterday, and with the recovery of well…i’m not even going to go into it. The Wunna’s are venturing off to a Buddhist temple this afternoon, a proper Golden Pagoda to get blessed, say our thankyous, go through spiritual enlightenement and leave my brother there for a week (hahaha) in the midst of all the ‘drama’ that recently occurred he signed himself up to be a Buddhist monk for 8 days and live in a monastry with them for the whole time. LOL. (My Mother likes this very much…therefore i’m struggling to be ‘favourite’ child.)

Anyway, we’ve all got to go down there and STAY there for one whole night!!! In a monastry around wise orange robed monks and i’ve been told i can’t even have wine. Me staying the night in a golden monastry! Can you imagine?? I Love it!! Lol. I did try and get out of it, but y’know…i might learn a thing or two? Plus i’m happy to have a WHOLE family again. Miracles happen. And if that means i have to go Thank The Gods, then shit…i’ll go THANK them.

Anyway in the morning, we wake up, my Brother goes through some ceremony. He gets his head shaved, we all get blessed, as ofcourse he’s taking one for the team and then i guess he gets his own set of orange robes, wears them and lives like a monk for 8 days. (Hahah…bless him. I’m so proud! lol. He’s only little. Well he’s 20. lol. But I love my baby bro. I smooch him to DEATH. I’ve always always looked after him and well i’m like his second mum. Hence why i’m good at looking after little boys. Wink wink. Ooh laa. ) No but honestly, i’m naturally nurturing, and good of taking care of people. You wouldn’t think that though rihgt? But in your face…I AM!

I’m feeling really chipper and open hearted today, (i know? i don’t know what’s come over me???) So feel free to message me with ya problems, your worries, your questions, your anything’s really? I’m quite ‘angel in disguise’ today! I get a lot of you asking me for advice and help everyday…and i’m really proud of you all, for following the ways of The Wunna. (lol.) Even though it will probably get you arrested.I think i’m better at looking after other people than i am myself. Shit i really need a mimosa. I do my lunges whilst sipping mimosas. It’s the perfect brunchy morning drink.

Anyway, have a great day. I’ll report from my ‘monk’ chambers and well i LOVE you ALL… I’m currently charging my ipod, as we have a long drive there and well i need to drown out all my mums possible nagging with melody or hip hop beats, the WHOLE way there. Either that or just hit myself over the head, repeatedly until pass out cold & wake up at the other end.

I’m a family girl and i like a family guy. I mean you should all be thinking about this when you pick your ‘life partner’ so to speak. You have to have the kind of relationship with them, that would be able to work over a long period of time whole heartedly through the ups and the downs and most importantly the ‘bond’ must be good enough to beable to look at that person and say ‘Yeah, i could start a life with them…a ‘team’ with them.’ As at the end of the day, that’s what’s going to happen. You create your own family with that person. You live your day to day life with them. You share your world with each other. I’m a commitment girl. Even though i’m a ‘Glamour Puss- Pout Pout’..i’m still a  girly girl and i have traditional values when it comes to love…even though i pretend i don’t. Especially with me being 28 now. And even though it doesn’t seem like it, i know exactly what I look for in a guy. I know who i work well with. I know who i’m in love with and i know myself well. My strength, my tolerance, my sense of fun and my va voom, alongside the ability to truely ‘love’ is like no other girl’s that i know… in this entire world.

I can’t believe i’m chilling with monks this evening! (Now go click on ‘Song of the day’ link and be merry…you darlings of swine. )

4 thoughts on “Family Day & Soulmates”

  1. Lol…i know right, but mine are orange robed, brown ones. Plus i have to try and write a ‘Glamour pussy’ book at the same time as reaching total enlightenment.

  2. Oh my god Chrissie! Good luck with tonight. Maybe you’ll have a better time than you think? Bless your brother, that’s brave of him actually. Glad you’re so chipper anyway doll, you’ve certainly brightened my day! I LOVE YOU! xxxxx


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