Fall, Missing Lashes and All Sorts!

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Why people are still trying to hold onto Summer is beyond me!! We’re in November. It’s flipping NOVEMBER. It’s meant to be chilly cold, when you reside in good old England. Quit moaning because it’s not 100 degrees and you can’t have a barbecue and have to wear a coat. It’s NOVEMBER….it’s NEARLY CHRISTMAS! Embrace the change, the season and the festive merriment. Summer is OVER. Grab your thermals, winter woolies and knitted nipple tassles and just get on with it. Moan, moan…moan. QUIT IT. We’re in fall and we’re slowly entering WINTER. Christmas is my favourite time of year and well if we could just hurry up and get to it, i’d be happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

So far…i’ve done my ankle in. I can hardly walk on it, I can feel the blood rushing through it and it’s all swollen, to the point of pain. Lovely! I’m still merry though and doing life with a smile. I just think that i’ve put a lot of ‘other things’ before myself this year and before my utter well being, so what I need is a little extra pamper, self adoration and to do the things that make ME smile.

I’m happy, but i’m a bit stressed. I can tell I’m stressed because my rash is flaring up with excitement again. UGH! Glamour pusses can’t have A RASH! FFS. My manufacturer…well suppliers…for my eyelash line, sent my massive bulk order via Fedex, TO THE WRONG ADDRESS! So even though i am fuming and even though i have sternly been somewhat shouty at them…i’m concerned that I won’t get my lashes that I obviously need in order to SELL! It’s sort of in the back of my mind ALL OF THE TIME. The good folk in China, have assured me that they have called Fedex and told them the new address…the address where in which they should of been sent to in the first place, but i’ve become all insecure about it now and i can’t fully trust them until i SEE THEM ON MY DOORSTEP! They’re mean to arrive tomorrow six o clock in the evening. If i don’t get them…I WILL BE FUMING and a MAJOR Chrissie Wunna kick off will occur…bad ankle, great hair and everything!

However, i’m not letting anything get me down….and i’m keeping my wink in place with both fingers crossed. I’m a lucky chick and stuff usually goes right in the end for me, due of my charm, The Gods and the stars that I was born under. I’m confident that all will be well. Yeah…i’ve got my stress rash, but whatever…i’ll win this war! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Wiggle/Beckon.. here.) The good news is that my photos for the website are ready for pick up. It will be interesting to see how they turned out. I’m my own worse critic, but i’m looking forward to seeing them!

Another thing…I was in Doncaster the other day and once again i will say HOW HOT ARE THE BOYS GETTING THERE!! I’m not sure how or why, but the boys in that town are getting more and more handsome. It’s making me proud to be birthed in such a town. They’re all too cool to make like they’re interested in anyone, or super flirty in order to act like they are the Gods of Handsome. But yes, very impressed with the sprinkle of male good looks that has occured in Doncaster! I don’t even know how it has happened?

Anyway, I have an ankle to elevate, babies to adore and a wine to glamouous sip to background telly noise.

Love you all.

Thanks for following my life.


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