Fairytales and Trippy thrills


What a night!! Firstly, i’ll tell you that i couldn’t blog yesterday evening, due to completely forgetting how to turn my wireless connection back on. 🙂 I’m crap without my internet Wizard of Waz in my life, organizing Wunna Land. But i finally and approximately 14 minutes ago, managed to figure it out with office sweetheart ‘Kelly’ by pouting, doing ‘bimbo’ confused faces and pressing buttons. We did it wrong, so i called upon my trusted friend ‘Google’ (that i am blacklisted from…yippppeeee) to save the day and well what do you know…it did! *Wiggle-wink* (Bare with me i’m knackered today. Far too much nookie and not enough ‘Zzz’ catching.)

Anyway, yeah…what a night. I had no blog fodder all day, due to boredom and bad hair. Then out of nowhere appeared good friend ‘sarah law’ who decided to be an utter dickhead for my sheer entertainment by Lucozade. We did our catwalk stomps by weight lifting gents with He-Man Boners (hers was shit and simply because she is yet to master the art of ‘Glamour Pussing’…all i’m gonna say is the words ‘ I am sweaty’ should NEVER come into your glamour pussy vocabulary EVER, when one is attempting to ‘work it’ for fun or attention. 🙂 ) Then she ruined playtime by making lesbian advances at me. (‘Erm..Chrissie, me simply asking how you are…isn’t a lezzy advance.’ 🙂 ) Therefore i took my double eyelashes (oh yeah i did bitches) elsewhere. Love that girl. However not more than the new ‘Handsome.’

Okay, so the new boy and i are perfect. It would seem like an odd combination to wave the wand at love and make it all magical, but bizarrely we are. As each day goes by i think i couldn’t feel for this ‘handsome’ anymore..then just like that…the next time he goes at impressing me that little bit more and i’m on the next ‘love rung’ hoping that we can do forever. It’s all got pretty serious, in the most light-hearted, enjoyable fashion. We had a moment last night, after dinner, where we laid in bed naked, and looked at each other. The ‘looking’ turned into the most magical, almost indescribable..unimaginable, bizarrely trippy moment of pure intense love. I can’t even believe it, let alone be able to explain it to you. There wasn’t sex at this point. Just love.

We laid next to each other, with me tickling his back. He heaved himself over the top of me, got comfy and we silently we just looked at each other and touched each other (not sexually, almost innocently…and sensually,) for 15-20 minutes straight. For that ENTIRE TIME, we were BOTH completely lost (it’s the only way to decsribe it) in the most purest world, mist..i dunno? Just intense bubble of love. I have never experienced ANYTHING like it in my entire life. It was like we were soul mates…and it was then when we both truely knew that it was love. (Then we snapped out of it and watched ‘The Only Way is Essex’ with giggles of adoration and morning sexytime. Keiran has a habit of ‘making the most divine love’ to me on an evening and then completely aggressively boning me like i’m a random slag he picked up at a bar in the morning. Lol. It’s a joke we have…but oh so true. HAHA. Knob.)

Right now, we just can’t believe our fairytale. We’re accidentally doing ‘love at first sight’ and we have this unexplainable *pull* and intense…well i don’t know…i just can’t words to it. But neither of us can control it and never of us want to. I’ve done ‘fairytale’ or what i had thought was ‘fairytale’ before i know. (Incase you’re doing the ‘she’s said this before’ said it malarky.) But NO…i may have heard it, or said it before, after feeling it with words. Yet the difference with Keiran is that we ‘feel’ it physically. It’s an action and uncontrollable *pull* of love, to the point where words can’t even flower it over? I don’t even kow what we’re meant to do next?? Neither of us do…we’re rubbish at the planning of it all. We’re dancing to the tango of it all and laughing in the face of danger. (Which is bad if you’re similar, innit. 😉 )


I’m having sooo much fun right now and can’t wait to see my baby Ruby tonight, after her first FULL day at nursery. I don’t know what’s happening, but i’m feeling wonderful, likei’m the little girl, having all of her glitzy dreams come true. A friend of mine actually looked at me today and told me how much she loved and hated the fairytale that is ‘Wunna Land’ and because bad things never happen to me.

The simple fact is that bad things happen to me ALL of the time, but i turn them into winks and good things without fear, and with this giggly, charming ability to move life forward the exact way i want it too..with glitter and hope.

I’m really really happy right now…I’m the luckiest little bitch in town. When i’m in love, i’m alive. The excitement of it, makes me feel as though i can conquer ANYTHING.

Be bold, be brave and make your fairytale worth reading. You only have one life…don’t forget to live it.


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