Fairytales and Towns of Tinsel

Mornin my chickadees! I had an absolutely delicious yesterday filled with love, laughter, cuddles and dreams. Keiran and I are over the moon at how our tale is unfolding. We’ve never been so in love and well last night, we laid in bed, wrapped in each others arms, talked about life, our future, how much we loved each other and how funny it is that Cupid has made us find each other…finally. He looked at me and told me how beautiful i was and how i couldn’t think of a better girl to make his wife and i told him how much i loved him deeply, how impressed, inspired and amazed i was and am by him and whilst i cuddled him and we reminissed about our love…i told him that i would love him forever. He is literally the man that i have searched for my entire life. I mean, i never ever thought that i would ever find a man that i would champion as much as i do Keiran. It feels great because no matter what, we always choose each other. I’m going to grow old with him and celebrate our successes. In fact, before i even met him, i would blog that when i was actually impressed by a man, (and i never ever was) then i would whole heartedly love that man and marry him. He swaggered in. He impressed me. But 9 months on…he is still being impressive and well when you find your utter soulmate, you just don’t leave that behind. I mean, last night, whilst sat on the sofa, watching Peter Andre and drunken soap stars, we tickled and kissed my back. OMG, a simple tickle from this boy sends a tingle through my entire body. It’s sexy. Now, i’ve always said that alongside our love, we have an amazing sex life. Even our normal sex, oozes ‘ooh laa.’ We could write a book on it. 🙂 We just know how to turn each other on and well we’re so well connected that nothing can beat our rumpy. Keiran’s extremely good at ‘loving on my body’…and well when i ‘put my back into it’ instead of being old and falling down flights of stairs in faux fur slippers and ‘putting my back OUT’…i’m quite delicious too. We’re best friends, lovers, each others rock and fairytale. We love hard, work hard and well as Wazza once told me, you never want to look over to your left in bed and think ‘I can probably do better.’ Lol. It’s installed in men to want the hottest wife, the fastest car, the best home and make the most money and i’m glad that i’m his ‘hottest wife’ in that equation. Women want to be cherished, adored and romanced by the most beautiful man, who ticks ever box, loves, honours and protects her enough to make every other girl wish that they had the same. He’s that for me and dollies i love it. Men will be jealous if you have a more yummy wife than them and women will hate if they have to watch and hear another girl being thoroughly romanced. The good thing is that we keep ourselves away from the drama, keep it simple and love. To us, OUR relationship is the relationship that matters…and that is the key to every great union. The good people will be inspired by our ‘fairytale’ and they’re the people i care to keep around me. Our love is based upon a series of magical moments. Moments are everything and the things you cherish, when you’re an oldie.

Now i think about it, i’m actually a girl that pretty much thinks all good moments are only made great when shared. There’s no point in doing amazing things and having a quiet ‘party for one.’ If i’m filming, working or anything…i’ll always have someone i care about with me. I take Keiran everywhere with me. But even when i was single in London…i’d always turn up with a good friend, or a good gay 🙂 to enjoy my moment with. I want our love to inspire others and to help people realize that it’s really out there for everybody. Even if you don’t want it to be…it will probably come anyway. Open your hearts to love, being loved and giving love. Have a cocktail with it and it turns delicious.You might as well keep it bouji. I mean, i don’t want you to think i’m a wet mess. I’m a glamourous, together kitty cat these days and well if i can achieve and enjoy a ‘fairytale’ then really ANYONE can.

Okay…mushy stuff over. Yesterday my handsome and i decided to grab a little lunchy at Ask, simply because we enjoy a good ‘eat out’ and when they have butterfly prawns that could make any wink sizlze, you have to return with a ‘gimme gimme’ and a wine. We’re actually creatures of habit. We go to the same places, order the same thing and enjoy the same company. Like i always say we’re completely similar in every way. But you can always trust a man, who is a creature of habit. They’re men who know a good thing when they’ve got it and once they’ve got it they rarely ever stray. Be it with butterfly prawns, or boobie beauties.

Anyway, we spent the entire time talking about a ‘maybe’ move to Hollywood. I’ve lived there pretty much all of my grown up life and well now that we have work opportunities out there, we pretty much pondered over pasta and with a ‘fuck it…lets do it’ we decided that Hollywood would probably be a jolly good move. It’snot everyday people can make that move, yet in Wunna land…we can. I’m an Angeleno at heart and well life in LA is pretty much filled with all our dreams come true. We’d get to move into our home of ‘ooh laa,’ frolock in the sun, work in entertainment, have our families there and make our absolute dreams come true. Plus, they adore us out there. I mean, our chapters in life get crazier and crazier, just when we think we’ve managed to get over the last bit of ‘omg-dreams coming trueage’…something else pops up with a shimmie and we find ourselves moving to LA! It’d be good to show Keiran my world. I have wonderful friends out there, a wonderful life. At first we’ll tango the both countries…as we have mucho work out here right now…and then we’ll settle in the town of tinsel. Woohoo! (Keiran’s taking all of this really well. There’s so much with the book, the launch, the tour, the show, the movie and his company going on right now…that it’ s overwhelming,. The key is to enjoy it and let life happen. Don’t fit it, dance with it. Alongside that we have parent duties and a wedding to celebrate. Busy year of work, signings and more work. However next year will be our results year!)

Anyway, i have to go, as i’ve got kitty cat duties to tend to..and tumble drying. We’re going to jolly over into town today to enjoy more lunching, pouting and ‘fairytale.’ Make sure you make you’re life worth it. I know you are…so celebrate. x

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