Fairy Drag Mother

Morning my pretty pies of delight! I’m up early and really not as tired as i thought i’d be. I’m in my pin striped shirt and slacks and i’ve spent the last 30 minutes..no…not going through rather important ‘organize for work’ stuff, but curling my hair! 🙂 I can’t function as well within a work place, if i’m not working my barnyard curls. It keeps ME happy, which keeps my workmates happy! I look quite cutsie for a bitch really! 🙂 *Looks for cuppa tea.*

I got done working at 1am this morning, well i actually got done working at 12am. (Hello Cinderella.) Yet, i had to stay up in order to watch Drag Queens emotionally arm wrestle for their moment of glory! I’m official addicted to Ru Pauls Drag race and i thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the asian contestant…(yes who is a man)…looks a lot like ME, but when i’m completely dolled up! LOL. Not only do i want to waltz around the universe with the golden, glittered letters that spell the word ‘DIVA’ out for all to see. But i also have decided to get a Fairy Drag Mother. It’s a must in every Glamour pusses world! (I went to bed at 1am, after working all day and working all night, knowing that i needed to get some rest. Yet instead, chose to stay up to watch Drag Queens commit to ‘walk offs’ and swaer! Welcome to my logic! I’ve never been happier and totally into calling people ‘Trout!’)

What else? Oh yeah Loverboy and i are back on track and simply because he made the right decision to wake up early and drive me to work! I’m teaching him how to treat me, during these months of *waddle-waddle* and well he’s actually doing better than i thought! Well done him! (Why do i have one pink eye today?? It kills!)

Also last night, i had a gent who’s a fan of my blog, but someone i don’t really know attempt to give me advice. Now, i don’t mind this at all..but i totally mind it completely.:) I always feel as though people don’t really know me when they dish out advice, even if it’s out of love. I KNOW what i’m doing and when i NEED advice, i’m actually helpless enough to ask for it. If i’m not asking…then i’m pretty much all dandy, believe it or not!

I did appreicate his words, but i feel as though it told me a lot more about him than i needed to know. The gents a fan of my blog…(which i adore) and reminded me to keep on writing it every day because i’ll lose fans and i need them for marketting..as that is what my life is about and audiences are fickle.

Firstly missing a day of blogging, makes no difference now. Infact, my hits have been the grandest of all time. I often miss days, infact weeks..if not an entire month. I write it when i want to write it, and not because I HAVE to write it. It’s not a money making scheme. lol. It’s my actual REAL (tragic much) LIFE! It’s written out of love and without structure or evil intent. I find it bizarre that he would think that it was a marketting ploy, or a way to make money!

Also, it doesn’t matter if people are fickle…i’m not here to MAKE them read my blog. Lol. If they want to, they will. Innit! I’m always here trundling through life regardless. Infact, i like the fact that they can go in and out of my life whenever they wish!

People always want to give me blogging advice and well there are THREE people that run this little shindig. Wazza, then anyone who enters my path, and I! I do it as a hobby and use it for therapy. Nothing is fabricated…every being i’ve talked about, every situation i’ve been in is a real life person or world.

I told him this and then he jumped in with a ‘but what about the book then!’ The BOOK came to me BY ACCIDENT! I never began to write this blog 5 years ago, in order to get a book deal. That’s how people run the quick road to failure. I wrote the blog aimlessly for no real reason other than the fact that i wanted to…it ended up becoming popular and well then BY ACCIDENT, the publishers contacted me..5 years later might i add! You will not get anywhere in life if the core of what you are doing begin with your utter love for it.

Anyway, i do have to go, but more on this later!! I really wish my eye would stop stinging and my eyelashes are totally gonna fly off in this wind!

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