‘F’ is for ‘Floozey’

Oh My God, i just needed to write a quick blog to inform you of my whoriness because i can’t stop finding myself hilarious. I’m quite bored and ashamed of myself, but a girls godda get her kicks right? (Yes i have had too many umbrella drinks…whilst sat at home.) I’ve already been productive today and wrote a bit of my book, so i’m celebrating with the art of ‘Party.’ (Hahaha.) I am pissing myself right now and i don’t know why??

Okay, because i was bored, but feeling quite powerful i figured i would be a sexy nuisance and flirt with boys. So i am currently going through my Facebook friends list (haha) to find all the ‘hot’ ones who have willies and sending them ‘sexy, flirty and inappropriate’ wall posts. It’s not really that funny, but it is if you’re Me, because i’ve had champagne. I’ve written on about 14 walls of the hottest of stallions and disgustingly sexually abused them. ( I was raised all wrong.) I dont even know half of them?? But i’m sure they all love it, and if they don’t…it’s still funny. I’m highly entertained. My Mother is horrified!!

So I text my friend to tell her what i was doing and she merely replied, ‘I love how the rich, decide to waste their time.’ I don’t know why i’m finding myself so hilarious?  I’m like literally pissing myself and because i’m toying with the hearts of boys. This is awful!! HAHAHAHA! (She slurps her cocktail and high fives…nobody!) I think i’m gonna throw a party full of my Facebook boys! I need to be Hugh Hefner when i decide to grow up! Kiss me! (Pout!)


14 thoughts on “‘F’ is for ‘Floozey’”

  1. no mustard as in hot like mustard ok i will say something normal for once u look fucking sexy in this picc chrissie and i hope u are having fun putting wall posts up i must be butters as i aint got one ha ha ha

  2. i cant what good is constructing a sentance if u dont get a wall post ha ha ha i will try to write more normal things but i bet u will miss the old me chrissie


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