OMG, i’m fuming! It’s ‘Date night’ and it’s all going sooo incredibly wrong, due to the infantile behaviour of the ‘needs to grow up’ Peter, that we’ve handed over my little baby Ruby to my Mother…who has her even Friday evening because she adores her immensely and i’ve cancelled our DATE, because Pete thinks it’s okay, to look at his watch and tell me that he’s ‘bored of me’ when i’m expressing my feelings. He also attempted to be macho mid-drive, whilst we were having a giant argument and saID, ‘Well i don’t want to hang out with you, if you’re going to be like this.’  (He didn’t mean it…he just said it, in order to try and win a fight.) Nice try..calling my bluff…oldschool trick.  I’ve dealt with many a bastard in my life, therefore it’s the exact wrong approach with me. Pete’s been dying for our ‘Date Night’ dinner ALL NIGHT. Therefore, simply because his attempt at manipulation was so poor…(why do ‘good boys’ try to play ‘bad?’) I cancelled it all with a ‘why would I EVER want to hang out with a boy, who says he doesn’t want to hang out with me and looks at his watch, whilst i’m upset and says he’s bored?’ I pulled it from him. Made him drive me to a supermarket, to get a bottle of wine and something for dinner and now i’m home in my pyjamas. He actually thought I was calling his bluff because he tried to do that thing, that boys do, when they pretend their idiocracy hasn’t actually occured and nicely asked what we were doing? (He has to ask…not because he wants to, but because i’m the money. If i don’t go…he doesn’t eat. Lol.) He again managed to do the ‘you’re boring me now’ thing whilst i decided to express my feelings again..thinking it would work. I just looked him up and down, laughed in his face, grabbed a glass of red, kicked back, relaxed and told him i wouldn’t be going anywhere with him. Hilarious. Pete then tried to find something in the kitchen for himself. He was stirring things in bowls with honey and attitude. Weirdly, he managed to get sooo angry during the process of it all and simply because i had won the entire war, that he walked out, with a huff, waiting for me to cry ‘no, don’t go..what are you doing.’ LMAO. Instead, i looked at him like he was a weirdo and said ‘BYE!.’

This morning we were soo great. Infact ridiculously fairytale. We were on my drive to work and yet AGAIN he re-brought up his sister, a girl, I absolutely despise, for being a selfish, gobby, nose butting…what’s the word…oh yeah BITCH. 🙂 Pete always tries to do this thing, where he forces me to like his family, via manipulation every month, hoping that i will have forgotton about all the shit she caused for no real reason, whatsoever. He always hopes I will back down. I’m Chrissie Wunna. No-one gets to be that rude to me AND cause that much destruction to the welfare of my baby daughter and it all be okay. Fuck her. It ended in a massive row. I do not at all associate with his family and simply down to his big sister, why would I ever want to fake smile around anyone who raised such an awful humn being and champion her actions. (When she’s in her 9th week of being a new mum, i’ll textly abused HER verbally and try to break down HER family and see how she likes it. Not a nice girl. Or Pete’s a liar. I asked for an apology from his  sister and never got it, because she didn’t know what for? I also never recieved an apology from her Mother. Why would you ever let you’re daughter treat your sons girlfriend, who had just had a baby like that?)

Now, everytime he brings them up, an awkwardness fills the air and we fight. Not just because of what has happened. yet because Pete never once stood up for me out of fear, that his family might not like him anymore. I do not appreciate boys like that. If you are too afraid to stand up for your future wife and your daughter, then you’re an idiot. And for what? For a sister who never wants to hang out with you. Talks the talk, yet doesn’t walk the walk. And for a girl who would never chose him over her boyfriend..if she even managed to get one. And Why? Just to be liked. BAD FORM!! He’ll let her say whatever she wants about me, yet if I voice my opionion about her, he really is horrible to me.

It’s basically got to the stage now, where we’re really really happy, almost perfect, UNTIL he mentions his family and then we are almost ripped apart, with hurt and anger. I will NEVER forgive his sister and because for no reason she MADE him PICK HER, over his own ‘life love’ and CHILD! What  a bitch! And didn’t care at all, when he spent an entire week alone, wishing he wasn’t even alive because she had done this and I had left.

We have a problem and it’s not going to ever be okay, unless he NEVER mentions them to me ever again and especially NEVER EVER forces me to play ‘Happy families’ with them! EWW! His sister has really damaged, what was the most purest of loves and it’s sad, because out of everyone, she hurt HIM..the most!! Pete loves me, and more than life itself, even when he was at his Mothers rambling on about how he’s witnessing a very ‘different’ side to me. Meaning i’m so evil. Lol. It was all bullshit, because as soon as he left, he called and called and called be desparately begging me to love him. At the time, i couldn’t love a boy that didn’t dare even stand up for himself, infront of his sister and let me be that verbally abused??

I don’t know what to do, other than have him never ever mention them again in my presence, or FORCE me to be near them. I told him that it wasn’t because I didn’t feel welcome. It was because I simply didn’t want to. The pain that was caused during that time, has embedded, deeply within me. I’m done. The bridge has been burnt and glitter spritzed with ‘Over you.’

It’s ‘Date Night’ and i’m at home, in my pyjamas, getting ready for my morning audition. And Pete’s left the building, in order to pretend like he’s making a point and being all macho. *Yawn.* How little boy of him. We’re soo angry and each other right now, that we could explode. I’m sooo glad Ruby is at my mums. When he actually learns to take responsibilty for his actions, and beable to stand up for himself, then he will not ever be good enough to be with me. Like he blames his last relationship, where he was ‘apparently‘ so severely emotionally abused by the girl, (whatever) on his parents. They apparently where moving house and MADE HIM, (no-one can MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING you didn’t chose) move out. He felt lost and like he didn’t have anywhere to go and again I say ‘apparently’ felt forced into moving him with his girlfriend, because he didn’t have another option. Therefore it’s all THEIR fault, for him being emotionally abused. Hmm? Hardly.

He also claims that if i wasn’t fortunate to have children, that he would NEVER EVER adopt (even though he is adopted) and that he would NEVER EVER  have four children. (He comes from a family of 4 children.) Quite telling right? GOD!n Why do i always end up with boys with issues!!

Anyway, he’sback now and trying to pretend that he never stormed out. TRAGICAL. I’m happy and only concentrating on my ‘do my do’ audition thingy bobby job for tomorrow. I have to work the Wunna, Glamour Pussy much magic. Yet before that, i’ll have a bit more wine. *Wiggle-winky.*

I’m gonna go make up with him. He looks all helpless, whilst crushing garlic. Plus, I do actually love him, even when he’s a moron. We love each other muchly. I only dislike his family. He’s the only part of it, that I can managed ‘forever’ with. 🙂 Aww..he’s looking at me with hopeless *smiley* eyes. I think he’s learnt his lesson.

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