Eye Candy For the Girls



Since i’m having a day where i celebrate my Fans of the Chick Variety..I thought i might give you a little treat of ‘Guy Candy’ for being so good to me, as i’m sure you’re sick of seeing my boobies. They are hardly a treat for the Femmes. Especially for those of you who are only 14 and should not be viewing such Pirate behaviour. Anyhow, here are some of my guy friends in LA. My ‘Band of Merry Men.’ (Aww…bless em.) I have stories with each of them. We have lied, cheated, laughed, cried, partied, yelled, kept secrets and wanted with each other, whilst trying to make our merry dreams come true! I’m sorry the piccies are a bit ‘shirtless- muscle ‘ooh-arr’  but they’re all a bit slaggy like Me, so it’s hard to find pictures of them with actual clothes on. This is only a few of them. Delicious! 10 points! Feel free to perv away girls.. (BBF Flic is a bit of a pervert, like my good self,  so she’ll sure as hell have her eyes squashed up to the screen!! LOL)


Meet Bram, Jake, Brandon, Theo, Ronnie, Dylan, Justin, Lee and Corey.

9 thoughts on “Eye Candy For the Girls”

  1. fucking hell i know what u mean about u rolling with good looking fellas babe. i aint ever gonna be a hottie in your mind unless i get bang on the roids to help me lose me derby lol as it goes the grow coz that cuts the fat


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