Ex’es, Exes.. Never touch..

Morning Chickadees!! I’m feeling magnificent, in bloom, and full of life , after a late-ish night, (which is somewhat surprising,) and whilst some folks are an Easter church going, others like ‘moi’ are having to go through a messy pile of emails, messages, more emails, more messages, from my wonderful dull land fill of , yes, ‘The Ex’es!!’

I don’t know what it is, but around the holiday times, or times of special ‘ to be remembered’ dates, ‘The Ex’es,’ will reapproach the ‘Wunna’, threefold. All you have to do, is bang up a couple of naked pictures, and get a successful career going, then out of the woodwork they come a crawling, with what they call, ‘happy memories,’ and the greatest stalking equipment known to man!! I’m usually quite good to my exes, yet now i feel that’s there’s so many of them, that i could have a ‘date to remember,’ every bloody day of the year and then it seems, each one of them believe they’re the one i really had a connection with, or something like that??? Today, I had one girl, tell me that she knew, ‘*random boy*’ i once dated. I smiled, i nodded, and mentally thumbed through my mental black book, of ‘people i should never have met.'(lol…)  Seriously, i get the messages from the ‘Exes, followed by the Exes friends, followed by the Exes current girlfriends, followed by girls they use to date, followed by messages from their dad wanting to hook up!! It’s difficult being me!! (hahaha) Definitely not the perks of the job!! The free dinners and booze is!! Bottom line, i never re-date an Ex, and it’s not because i’m a bitch, it’s just because i’m more of an adventure, and less of a ‘whiney about the past’ kind of girly!! Why cry over one ‘penis,’ that was a twat to you, when there’s millions of new ones waiting to play, right?? (hahahahaha) Ofcourse, as of right now, i have a delightful ‘Latin lover.’ But on the whole, i’ve learnt the hard way with boys! And not the good kind of ‘hard.’

Anyway, whocares about all that shit the first time someone ever had sexytime, the ‘ooh laa,’ the McBonky Jones… was apparently, 570 million years ago, and it was attached to a 12 incher. What happened to penis size??? Thats my bit of ‘Happy Easter’ knowledge!!

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