Exercising The Old Brain

Oh my goodness, i’ve been writing my book all day and well it seems ‘The Wunna’ has proved that actually using your brain for fruitful accomplishment (although WONDERFUL) is the most tiring thing in this world ever. I was sitting at home, in PJ’s (any job where you can wear PJ’s is amazing,) hair tied back with a cuppa tea and trying to place my ideas into print. I had Amy Winehouse on in the background, that ‘Tears dry on their own’ track on repeat..i often play it to get the ‘feel good,’ and as i was typing, thinking and quite badly doing Winehouse impressions (and i do mean singing, and not taking a load of hardcore drugs) then i guess i had accidently fallen asleep (LOL…nothing like dedication) because i woke up with my head dangling backwards, mouth open and body all spasticated, there could’ve even been drool & the song was still on repeat and my tea had a dead fly in it. I haven’t used my brain in a long while. I exercise it for an hour and it makes me pass out. (LOL.) Hollywood had taught me that you don’t need to use ‘brainage’ to get anywhere in life. You just needed to be Hot. England is good for me right now and definitely growing on me. I’m a Brit and i’m proud.

I have a tiny sized kitten called ‘Lucky’ who’s only 2 weeks old. I call her ‘Lucky’ because the fact that she’s still alive is amazing. I’ve almost nearly trod on her 14 times by accident in my stiletto and she’s only a palmed sized ball of fluff. Anyway she’s under the misconception that she can get her feed from my ‘lady part’ and whenever i’m not looking she’ll try and crawl up my leg (all shy & cute) then try to suckle on my vagina, thinking it is her Mothers teet. Making me not so ‘Lucky.’ I don’t even know if it’s a she…? Poor thing. I love her.

I’m still reading my ‘Men are from Mars etc..’ book and it’s really helping me. I’m learning about Men and women. I’ve learnt that when boys pull away they are simply overwhelmed and need time to themselves before they happily spring back lovingly and you have to give them this time. But i think everyone in ‘the good kind’ of relationships need time to themselves to do their own thing for a while. It’s normal, it’s healthy and if you’re a girl you have to understand their needs, be patient, have fun and write books about being a ‘Glamour puss’ for teenagers. (lol)

I’m also loving

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