Everything at once, or nothing at all

So much going on in my kitty cat mind that I don’t even know how to keep up. Now, i’m not very organized, when it comes to the menial tasks in life. However, emotionally, i’m pretty damn good at the organizing of it all. I can mentally adore things yet box them up into little separate compartments, ready for use when i need to. Today, my heads been all a much. A good mush. But a mush. There’s just so much i want to do in life and well so much that i CAN do in life, that i don’t even know where to begin. I want to do everything all at once and in order to stamp my families future with a solid DOLLAR sign, that even a monkey would even fail to tamper with. I have the opportunity and i have the capabilities and i have the talent. Yet, i’m going to have to slowly piece it all together and see what works.

On another note, i went to the midwife today and managed to get out of having my blood taken again. Yipppee! I can’t stand the thought of it really and i have no idea why. However, the comfort of stalling it makes me happy. I went in there today with the full intention of having it done and dusted. Yet the actual midwife convinced me that it would be better if i did it all at a later date. So there you have it. Saved by The Gods again and well who am I to complain. Pregnancy is getting easier and easier. Apart from the fact that i’m not eating like a starved donkey, which is never very glamourous and never good for wet look leggings.

I’ve just managed to commit to my day wind down. Baby Ruby has been cuddled, nutured and sent to lovely bedtime. The hubby is still at work. I’ve been taking it easy all day, yet with the busiest mind ever. I’ve still got to promote the book. I’m starting the lip gloss line. We’re wanting to open a beauty salon, i’m doing entertainment and well i weirdly even wanted to go to medical school today. 🙂 (That might sounds bizarre to all of you who thing i’m a tramp, but i do actually come from an entire family of Doctors, so the thought isn’t as zany as you may believe.)

I’m excited about the decorating of the house. I’m feeling adored. I’m looking forward to Christmas. I can’t believe it’s November already. I want to make big big money, i’m loving being a wifey and a mama and i’m a really happy preggo right now. There’s so much that i want to do and it’s all just to keep that bank balance shooting upward. I intended to have a lovely calm day of ‘oohing’ tomorrow, where i could gather my thoughts and have a little chitter chatter with my mum. Yet my Mum’s been kidnapped by work and her love for it (my mum is a money making machine, even as a pensioner. I’ve always looked up to her, yet i have no idea how she manages it.) Then just as i was getting ready to give in to having a giant lazy rest, my agent calls and tells me that i have a casting in London tomorrow morning, for a modelling job. I needed to get it switched, because i initially had a ‘make sure everything’s okay’ baby scan. Yet they couldn’t move my time, so at 8.01am i’ll be on a train to London Kings Cross, then heading to Leicester Square, probably in the freezing cold for a few moments of ‘smile-smile-please hire me for this campaign’ before immediately getting the train home to be a mummy.

I’m currently sat on my living room floor, being propped up by the radiator, in my black pyjamas, watching XFactor USA, trying to book cheap train tickets and feeling quite tried really, just thinking about my early start tomorrow.

The hubs will soon be home and i’m starving, so i’ll have to love you and leave you.

I’m excited for the casting, because ofcourse i really want it, as it’s an awful lot of money to miss out on. Yet at the same time i have a hectic life at times, when it’s almost everything all at once or nothing at all. I have a beautiful little one year old to get ready for the nursery run, before i get myself ready even and plonked on a train to the capital. Luckily, i have a lot of help, so i’m truly, truly happy and very very blessed. I loved making decisions as a family today. It felt good.

Love you. Night x

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