Erotic Ewe

‘Why are you running around with a blow up sheep attached to your front?’… Is how my day has decided to begin!! It’s gonna be a good one lady and gents!! I LOVE it!! I’m all happy go lucky, back to my normal self, and bursting at the seems with that ever so annoying ‘Joy’ thing. I have no reason to be this way, (other than incredible sex appeal, great life and riches) i just am, and it rocks. ‘Yes, daddy-o!’ I’m spending the morning being dressed in a pink dolls dress, with massive eyelashes on, and with an ‘Erotic Ewe’ (you’ve all seen them) parcel taped onto my front. I’m not at a shoot, i’m not even working, i’m just HILARIOUS!! My good friend, i’ll call her ‘ Slit fanny Slag,’ claims i look like the ‘Power puff girl, that Daddy didn’t love!!’ (hahahaha) And to celebrate i’ve decided to go shop til i drop, as i have no clothes, since my dear godly breast enlargement. You’d think the amount i go retail therapying, i’d have clothes by now, right? Well no, I’m the girl that comes back with eyeliner and bags of nonsense.

Have a good one!! I LOVE you  ( i’m not drunk!)

3 thoughts on “Erotic Ewe”

  1. you are crazy chrissie i bet poeple are thinking why hasd this sort got a sheep with her. u do go shoppng a lot but u are a bird it is like us men we like going down the boozer and watching the footie birds like ot shop and moan lol have a great day chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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