Erm…where did the snow go Flo???

So ofcourse, i put on my winter woolies, my giant fur boots, a hat, gloves, and baby pink scarf. I saunter outside, SO excited because i’m about to make, ‘Bob the Dodgey Snowman.’ I open the doorway, to dodgey snowman making delight, only to find that ALL the snow has disappeared??? GONE!! It’s now the sunniest day in all the land, without a single trace of snowage. The bloody skies are baby blue, the grass in the greenest i’ve ever seen it, and the sun is blinding me. More importantly, i looked like a complete IDIOT. A mental case!! God knows what the neighbours  must of thought?? ( well we don’t have neighbours, just a massive white horse.) Now it’s sunbathing  (well not quite) weather… i’m going to fake tan, i guess?? This is Stupid!! Or simply I’m stupid???

It must have taken me a lot longer than i thought, doing my hair, face, and picking out a ‘building a snowman today,’ outfit. So bloody long that the weather turns into a whole new day!! The Good lord is fucking with me!!

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