Erm…ride it cowgirl??

Just had a piece of skin-up fried fish, and although it was undoubtely delicious, it has unfortunately decided to make my stomach go into aerobic mode! I’m never fond of anything, that makes any part of my body decide to participate in anything remotely aerobatic, therefore this is not making me feel too precious.

After a day of spending quality time with my mother, a movie and too many cups of coffee, for my clear head to handle, i am sat wondering how the hell my ‘Latin lover,’ is doing?? Anyway, i’m sure it’s fine. It really is quite awful having a lover that’s so far away, as quite obviously you are unable to ‘love’ on them. Hopefully things will change, yet i’ve learnt not to get my hopes too high.

Aww…crap, my tummy kills!! Bugger!! Other than that, i am working hard, and making serious life plans. I have been neglecting things that are highly important just recently, so i’m about to get on that busy bucking horse, and ride it ‘cowgirl.’ Yee-haaa! But first, Princess Wunna needs beer!! Where are my midget beer slaves, when i need them?? ( you can never trust fucking midgets!!)

8 thoughts on “Erm…ride it cowgirl??”

  1. Awwww Wunna wonna tummy rub?

    If you need a proxy lover you can count on me anytime…

    hmmm… or should that be ‘poxy lover’…? (Don’t listen to my exes! I ruined them for normal men!)



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