Episode Three

Okay so i just watched the third episode of ‘Paris Hiltons British best Friend.’ Yes, i am BBF ‘Chrissie’ as some of you are getting a little confused. Someone today said i looked just like Chrissie Wunna from CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM. Record straight…it’s the same girl my Lovelies. Anyway, i had to re-watch the show and i do anyway because i love it, yet mainly had to because i was sooo hungover on Thursday, (yesterday) that concentrating was quite challenging .. Plus, i think it’s bad to comment on something that isn’t fresh in you’re good old mind. Nothing is worse than a hazy ‘maybe?’

During that time in the house. I remember feeling both a sense of relief that i was still in the competition after a dramatic yet terrifying save and half uneasy because it seemed there was a little gang of peeps against me and wanting me out of the competition.(Hence my little outbursts of bitchiness. Love it!) It’s always so difficult going up for ‘discussion’ then going back into the house. As it makes your experience tense for the next day or so. Therefore i was sooo happy that our next 2 tasks (even though i proved that i should NEVER design dresses and should only stick to spending other peoples money for gifts) involved Team Work…it’s a good way to ease your way back into a ‘comfort zone, ‘without feeling too shit. I was actually having a great time, during episode three. I was happy. I felt strong. Infact, When i got out our car in Camden to do the shopping challenge. I didn’t have my Mic on, so i had to step out onto the cold rainy street, lift my dress up all the way up to my boobs, show random passing folk my red frilly polka dot knickers and have a gentleman rummage around in them for 15 minutes trying to get some sound out of me!! Hilarious!! I think my vagina squeeked a little.

Anyway…I do think the air was tense between all the BBF’s. A lot more questioning of motives were being tossed and turned. It actually really felt like a competiton now, as WE ALL no matter who you’ve made and alliance with, or a clicky bond with WANT to WIN it. Infact, i think it’s almost  better to fly solo, that way you don’t end up having to stab someone in the back at an elimination, like a Prize twat or think about someone else. Theres only one winner and we all know that. I noticed there was a lot less ‘fluffiness’ and i liked that a lot. Infact, the harsh honesty at the episode 2 elimination was much needed. It brought everything to the surface. And i can play a game where the ground is a lot more even. I like honesty. If you don’t know how people are feeling…then you’re in the dark. And really you can’t do anything too greatly in darkness. (wink, wink)

‘Mahiki ‘was a great way to let loose and drink away the tension. We all really did get a bit trollied and forget about the competition. I had a blast.  I missed the whole Emma/Ola arguement because i had gotten so drunky that i passed out still in my leopard print dress- on my bed. Champion!! A winner all the way!!

Everyone always has an idea in regards to who’s going up for ‘discussion.’ I mean we’re all living in the house and if you’re going up, you can sure as hell feel it in the air. You just know and like i said it’s the most uncomfortable feeling, so i felt bad for Ola at the time. She may be a bit rough around the edges, but she really is a ‘tell it how it is’ (even though the ‘you look like a dog…’ statement was a bit dodgey…lol.) I love her, but I knew she would be up. To be honest, i was just glad that Paris didn’t say my name. Sounds selfish, but it’s true. Once you’ve been up…you are always terrified it’s going to be YOU again. Once the second name is called…you are kinda able to breathe. You’re relieved. Yet you never feel safe.  Oh and what is with ITV always going to my face during elimination whenever anyone says ANYTHING! Lol.. It always scares me…like ‘Oh shit what did i do now!!??!’ My eyes are always sneaky!!!

This elimination was difficult for me, as i thought two of the most honest and genuine girls were up. Both different, but both decent. I would’ve definitely chosen two other contestants. I don’t find it hard to make a choice, once i HAVE to and i make mine 3 jolly seconds before it comes out my mouth. They always ask me first because they know i’ll just spill it. But i did at the time think ‘Poor Lydia’ as i knew the others had voted for her in their honesty box…and it’s shame as she’s sooo sweet. Hence why i felt the need to stick up for her.  She’s a lot less strong than Ola. (Who i think is Hilarious!!) I thought i’d be a hero….it obviously didn’t really work for me! (hahaha) I should stick to being the nuisance.  But when Lydia failed the ‘lie’ challenge… She just plonked herself in a dangerous position. Basically anyone could’ve used that against her to win the fight.  It’s so hard because you have to be open, but you can’t be too open because whatever you say or do, will be used against you at anytime. Plus i found that you’re not simply judged on impressing Paris via a win of a challenge.You’re status amongst the other contestants and in the house can make all the difference. It’s a hard game to play and EVERYONE had a tactic. Even if they say they didn’t…they’re lying. 

Sorry this blog is a bit shit. I just couldn’t really think of much to write about. Plus, it’s too late for me to be typing. I love the show. Its doing its job. And well thanks for watching. Stay tuned. x

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  1. i watched the first 2 chrissie but i couldnt watch the 3rd i told u why so i dont thnik u can pipe saying i aint watching it i wouldnt watch it if u wernt in it so i was only asking if u were still in it so i know weather i should watch it next thursday thats all so u can pipe down

  2. i saiod i couldnt coz me pals who i ive with had there roast tuesday meaning they were in thurs therefore 2 against 1 on the remote therfore out voted no programme for me thats why i asked if u were still in it


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