Episode 4

WOW! Well Kats back and thank god too, as it’s been crazy keeping that a secret for sooo loong. She’s in it to win it and when she walked through that doorway…unlike the rest of them, i was actually HAPPY! I felt like i’d have an ally! Plus, i knew one of the 2 people who had left was gonna walk through the door and it would’ve been either Laura or Kat…so to me, it would be nothing to worry about! I was excited!! FINALLY some energy!!!

Okay the farming challange was exhausting. We were all so delightfully knackered, that i don’t think anyone was really too bothered about who had won it. They just wanted to get showered and not smell like goat anymore. (Chasing chickens rocks!) I LOVED Flic (who is my favourite in the house, cos she’s not an annoying drama queen) for picking me to go to the Spa. I needed to get out of the house for a moment and refuel the ‘Wunna train.’  It was a much needed breather. LOVED IT and i LOVED her!! The funny thing about the whole farm thing was that one of the Contestants was on her yummy period, so she couldn’t go near the piglets. Don’t know why i find that funny, but i do!! Haha! Piglets snouts…bleeding vagina….no go zone…..HILARIOUS!

I voted Carrie the most Fakest in the house…as she did Me. (Even though she told me she never did, in a ‘i kept my promise to you Chrissie’ bonaza!! lol)  I however did tell her afterward, so she knew. But even though she pushed a lot of blame onto ME for her being at the bottom of the board ( i guess i scare her, because she has a lot to hide )…Well let me just say, it didn’t just take one ’10’ from ME to get her there. It took all of the people in the house. So she should of questioned the people closest to her. I’m just an easy target for her. Plus, i didn’t vote her the ‘fakest ‘because i thought she was ‘too sweet’ or ‘too nice’  or too ‘enthusiastic’ (as i don’t believe that to be at all true…she’s not sweet. Nice try honey!) I don’t think anyone else thought she was either (no-ones that stupid, and i felt she underestimated the intelligence levels of some of the stronger people in the house)…I voted her a 10, because (at the time)  i thought she was the FAKEST in the house, cheesey, turned it on and off for the camera, too desperate and a bit of a cry baby. (HAHAHAHAH-she’s gonna be soo pissed off at me! ) Most people did, they just didn’t say it to her face. And even though she said she hadn’t ganged up on anyone, bitched or lied…i distinctly remember her ganging up ON ME?? (episode 2)  And that’s bullying … And she took the piss out of me at the breakfast table!! (Thats bitchy!!)  Evil! HAHAHA! To be honest i actually think she turned into a much more respectable person and was really herself after that ‘REAL/FAKE’ test….as she needed a different game plan…as thats not gonna fly with the ones that can see through her. She got an emotional beat down (which is part of life), realised the competition was going to be harder for her the ‘fluffy’ way, especially with the stronger ones in the house and she just became normal. We did her a favour! Plus, i think she only stayed in because the people who hated her, were keeping her in!! She was much much better after that night! The ‘cheese’ stopped and the fighter in her came out. And Thank JESUS! Layla is not even NEARLY fake. She’s as real as they come!! So it was a bit of a bummer that she was up for elimination. I think Carrie knew she wouldn’t go, because i did. And the good thing is, she now knows what it feels like to be put in the position SHE put me in, during an earlier episode. She gets her shit together and starts playing the game. (Which is what it is!!)

It was a GREAT episode. Infact, my favourite so far!!  (Thanx ITV! Love you! lol) I’m really pleased with myself  and the others because our true personalities are completely out now…well i guess some are still to be revealed, as my opinions on people begin to alternate.  Flic and Samuel were my closests buds in the house and that pretty much stays true!!! Iwas happy! I was actually having the best time ever during that time, really having fun…and at the end of the day… it is fun. Its bloody GREAT!! I loved the show. Hope you did too. Kats back bitches!!! Muahahahahahah!

Let the games begin!! Shes not a force to be reckoned with! I Likey Likey! She turns up the heat, the way Miss.Wunna likes it! Give me a fight to fight baby!

Chrissie Wunna

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  1. u should of been the least fake but i thoink al ot of the girls are worried of u chrissie coz u tell it how it is . i dont like the girl who got the most fake she does my head in but everyone else seems ok u come across well on thel evel chrissie and the bily goats gruff was just classic


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