Engagements, Fairytales and Love Boats…

Okay, this is a quick Friday afternoon McBloggy, simply to shout a mighty ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ to two of my friends Miss. Emma Hartington (Fartington) and Mr. Richard (Should I say ‘Lord’) Goodhall…who have JUST got ENGAGED!!

Since, my last blog was filled with a dollop of moodiness and pretty much served like the squeezed out dish water from a manky old cloth, I figured that EVERYBODY deserved to hear a bit of a ‘happy treat’ to put them in a more chipper mood of sunshine and help them to believe in true love again. It really does exist and I do mean the ‘fairytale’ kind…and this is how I know.

Okay, so I invited Emma to my wedding which was Aug 12th 2012. Emma and I are friends because we both used to work under the same evil boss together in Leeds. It was the worst job you could ever have…but whatever, from that time…we’ve managed to stay in connect and adore one another. We’re both from Pontefract. Make what you will of that…:) Yet let me get to the story!

I invited Lil’Emma to my wedding and she was filled with excitement…because we’re girly girls at heart and well we both adore a love tale.  At that time she was all single, so I told her to bring a date. I mean weddings are boring if you come on your own and you don’t actually know anybody there. It’s always good to bring a date…and well weddings are especially great if you want to get the mood of ‘lurve’ a flowing.

Emma brings this guy she’s been dating ‘Goodhall’ to the wedding. It’s apparently their THIRD date or something? He’s dapper, charming and I immediately think he’s amazing. He’s very Wunna-Esque., all cravates and witty humour…plus he bought me champagne, so he scored major points. I distinctly remember a customized suit and a Mulberry wallet wedged full of cash…that he himself pointed out to me later on in the evening. 🙂 Love it!! Emma had just come back from Cyprus and was a deliciously yummy brown, with her little blond do!

Here they are at the wedding. They were sat at what my friend Rachel has named ‘The naughty table.’



The night of the wedding, Keiran and I sacked off our romantic night of ‘wedding’ and surrendered it to Emma and Goodhall. We partied the evening away with them at Oulton Hall, running through corridors in pyjamas and Brides dresses, laying under Porches, switching into leopard print and well like I said the last thing I remember is a whole lot of champagne and passing out in Emma’s leopard print dress in my giant bridal suite, as Keiran climbed the four poster bed and Goodhall and Emma jumped around him with glee. I think Emma had a front pony tail by this point.

Christmas Eve was the last time I saw them, where I took to my ‘bump’ to celebrate the eve of Crimbo with them at a local pub in Ponty. Great night. Yet Keiran and I had to leave early as you can’t really have too much fun when you’re a preggo and have a 1 year old. They were madly in love and well both had said that they had been inspired by our wedding and Keiran crying a lot at it. (That’s when he loved me. 🙂 )

I managed to fall pregnant on my wedding night. God Knows how?  But they’ve taken full reponsibility for it! Therefore i’m taking full responsibility for their love and brand new engagement…as they did ‘Date 3’ at ‘Wunna’s Wedding! 🙂

Bottom line, they’ve fallen madly in love. They were on their 3rd date on August 12 2012. On Christmas Eve, Goodhall told Keiran that he was thinking about proposing when he took her away fro his birthday….Emma told me that she would marry him tomorrow, because she adored him so much.

They’re both currently in the Maldives and well this is what his Facebook Status reads:

Richard Goodall

Set the scene, hired a boat along with crew and champagne. In the Maldives, sun shining down in the middle of the Indian Ocean… We were laid on the sun loungers on top of the boat andEmma Hartington said, this is the most perfect moment ever. I went to my bag, pulled out the ring and she said yes. Happiest person in the world. I have met (and now closed) the one! — withEmma Hartington at Vilamendhoo.’
So, i thought i’d leave you this Friday with a deliciously romantic love story….since my love life is currently not going so dandily. We’re still not talking. Yet all this engagement malarky does remind me of when The Hubs asked me to marry him. It was Oct 9th 2012 and happened very quickly.
But here’s to Emma and Richard. The happy couple. *BIG HAPPY CHEERS*
They actually haven’t had a bad few days really, as they’re also in OK Magazine
this week. Lol. #alrightforsome
I’m a love bunny and completely inspired by true love because it’s always everything I wish for and want. Plus, I adore a man that knows how to treat a girl well and worship her appropriately.
So to every young lady hoping to land a bit of ‘forever’ romance on a love boat, by a mister of utter romance…know that somewhere out there is YOUR Mr.Right. Even if you haven’t found him yet, one day he’ll FIND YOU and make him your Princess.
Happy Friday! I love ‘LOVE’
Chrissie Wunna x

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