Emotional sweep up

Soooo i am currently feeling very emotional. I’m an emotional person anyway, i ‘feel’ with every cell of my being, yet tonight for some reason, i’m feeling exceptionally emotional. I was doing completely fine until it was time to rub cream into my boobs. I stared at myself silently, for ages and ages, in the mirror. I haven’t honestly had a really good look, so tonight was my first time getting to know the girls!! It was very personal, and very bizarre. I LOVE them, I do…yet it’s such a big thing to go through mentally. So now the physical pain has completely gone, (no thanx to the psycho nurse, who hated my guts, just because i was pretty, and decided to sabbotage my wellness….long story,) i’m now having to deal with the mental and emotional post boob job file. It just makes you ask yourself a lot of questions. It’s just such a difficult thing for my brain to conquer. It still hasn’t absorbed. God, i always feel like i’m healing from something. I need vodka.

The people that i usually share my ‘oh so emotional ‘ times with are all the way in Hollyweird…and we’ve all been through a lot!! (haha) Yet, i guess i’m not use to going through something soooo BIG, on my own. It’s crazy!! I mean, i definitely have my family, who i can tell anything too, and at anytime, yet i’ve learnt to always put on the bravest of faces, and tell them that i’m doing ‘just fine,’ whether i am or not, in order for them not to worry. (you learn to do this when you live thousands of miles away from them.) It’s just so  weird looking at your ‘new’ set of boobs and really having no-one to deeply discuss the ‘change’ with.

I can’t believe i have new boobs. I mean i LOVE them…i just don’t think it’s hit me yet??? I can’t believe it!!

2 thoughts on “Emotional sweep up”

  1. You are like an artist painting on the canvas of your body, creating a new you. So the psychological adjustment will take time. Just give yourself time to pamper yourself and get used to this new stage in your life. You will go through many more until you evolve into the goddess you want to be.

  2. it is a big thing though chrissie it is life changing u have know got a massive pair of thrupneys and u have had a change of your body so it will take your brain a bit of time to proccess it. and yes vodka always helps till the morining when u feel tender. u will have ot get used to know when u go out geezers chatting to the guns instead of u


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