Emotional Spring Clean…

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The VIXEN in me has returned… Move back, step aside and let this Glamour Puss through! NO more games. No more Bullshit and certainly NO MORE bad times. Loving it! Lashing it! And doing it with a cocktail baby… (i’m an idiot aren’t I…lol)

13 thoughts on “Emotional Spring Clean…”

  1. well we will meet … get drunk and then dance. shortl followed by shoulder rolling in heaven with our lovely stripper friends.

    shall we start in winterseam … what time will you be there?

  2. Missed this post earlier, but had to comment on the delectable photo, even though I can’t imagine you as a “maid”….. 🙂

  3. Why do you think that ur tit’s are gong to make you famous they look so fake why do you want people to see them do you have any talents use them not your Mary-Kate and Ashley {Ak your fuckin tts}

  4. Im ten and im not aloud playboy mags but could look at your tits all day and i’d let you suck me off for hours by the way my mates told me what a blow job s not my parents

  5. BY the way im not actually any of those people and i ddnt mean to ofend anyone it was my mate who dared me to say tose things im actually 21


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