Emotional spring clean

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Today, i’m tending to kitten like behaviour, winking at strangers, getting yelled at my footie players, being asked out by Trainers, and addicted to cookie crumble oatmeal and noodles. I actually oddly feel quite ‘sexy’ today…and want to be romanced by a man…any man…well a hot one..well no not any man, a decent one. And i’m loving Calum Best’s new tattooage. It’s on his twitter. Go have a peeky.

My boobies, my ‘spice rack,’ the girls,’ the ‘bitches’ are acheing for some rather awful reason, and i’m really wanting a drinky, but i have a 7.15am call time for filming tomorrow (Miss.Romance) and a car picking me up at that merry time. What would Wunna do-do? Oh and I was chipperly asked today by a young dandy, that if a girl says ‘Maybe’..does it mean ‘Maybe?’ Well as far as i know, ‘Maybe‘ means ‘No.‘ 🙂 I’m good at saying ‘No’..it was my first ever word, as a child. But some girls let you down a bit more lightly, hence out pops the ‘Maybe?’ If the girl wants to date you, she WILL say ‘Yes,’ never ‘Maybe.’ (We can’t help it.)And i guess you’re never gonna know, unless you ask her right? Now, i’m a ballsy girl, but in the last few months, i’ve refused to make first moves on boys, coz i want someone brave enough to beable to be forward. You know, if somethings ‘going on’ or not. You just do and if you don’t…you should.

Anyway, heres a little girl talk for you:

Maybe: NO                                      Fine, go on: YOU BETTER not

We need: I WANT                         Do what you want: You will pay for this later

I am sorry:  U will be sorry        We need to talk: You’re in trouble

I am not upset: I’m extremely upset you dickhead.

Oh and girls MEN are a lot more simplier than you think, there really isn’t that much code, apart from when they’re playing you. 🙂 Just tell them what to do…and usually they’ll listen. Add ‘sexy’ to that ‘tell them’ and he’ll be yours forever. 😉 Don’t be afraid to make sure they KNOW what you want! (*seductively struts out & beckons*)

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