Egotistical Banter

Eventful day for the Pussy cat of ‘wink wink.’ I’ve spent it working, hustling, pouting and yawning mid hair toss, due to a sheer lack of much needed beauty sleep. I spent my whole night, tucked up in bed, in a pitch black room that was only lit by the bluey screen of my laptop…whilst i chatted away with my gays, my ‘Handsomes’ and myself. I sorted guided drunkards through the night via online security, before they laid their merry heads to bed. I’m on a detox *slurps Bacardi Breezer* due to a case of far too much McParty Party and a need to be a great deal more sensible, so i don’t get banned from clubs for hurtling abuse at others (who kinda deserved the abuse, if you ask me.) But yeah, this sober thing is fun. You can like see…and everything and you don’t have sick in your hair and a phone full of names you don’t remember.  *Downs more bacardi.*

Anyway, last night after going out to dinner with a lovely, i found myself chatting with @EddClay a delicious gay who really should be given trophies for his clean arrogant banter of Greatness. I love it, when we get trollied and just ramble on about how amazing we are and how he’ll get really far with his perfect jawline and how i believe everyone with exceptional taste adores me. Lol. I do believe it has to be done. I like people who love themselves. It’s always better than those who hate themselves. Wacky concept, i know. Anyhow, he was mildly upset after missing out on a chance with a hottie, he really could’ve snagged. Therefore i told him it didn’t really matter, due to the sheer amount of Hotties there are in this world and since i’m intending on taking it over…then surely i’ll be giving them all to him on a daily…as gifts of my admiration. I also told him that he has both Beauty AND good looks, therefore need not worry, as he will obviously go far in life. LMAO. I love the Wunna drunk wisdom. It’s almost unbeatable. Really…i’d let you slap me, but i’d like it too much and ask for more. The only way to kill me, is with kindness. Then i’d get confused, creeped out and fear you. Hahaha.

Anyway, whilst i was drunk bantering with him and ignoring my 100 drunk Booty calls from BB Rex. He must have been blathered *adjusts boobs.* Anytime a boy calls you every 10 minutes past 2am o clock…it means he wants sex or misses you and wants sex. I don’t answer after that time…unless, it’s someone i care about and i think they’re in danger. They never are, they’re just drunk and want sex. LOL. Infact, a lot of people kept buzzing my appartment at really odd hours screaming for me….I didn’t even budge a muscle. I just did my hair and ignored them. Great friend. I didn’t have time to quickly throw myself into my nice pyjamas and act like a Kitty Queen. Therefore i opted for the ‘fuck it’ option.

I got distracted….anyway. Okay, whilst i was egotistically bantering with @EddClay about life and beauty and love, and jaw lines, for an hour. In that time, i also managed to start a 3 hour conversation with a boy, a nice one, who holds the title of ‘de-flowering’ me, when i was an ‘old enough’ teenager. It started with a ‘Hi’ from him and ended with planning to go up to meet him for the weekend, to hang out and get to know him a wee bit better. I like the boy. Well now he’s a man. I mean, i use to hang out with him when he was 19. Now he’s 29 and our paths have re-crossed. Infact, it was kinda nice to talk to the boy that ‘de-flowered’ me and know that they’re at least a decent human being and know that they fancy you a bit. He wasn’t intimidated…i liked that. He wasn’t cocky either. Maybe he was drunk?

Therefore yeah, in 2 weeks we’ve planned to hang out for the weekend in Liverpool. Maybe if you re-sleep with the boy that took your virginity away, you kinda get it back. I’ve come full circle. I’m sexually back where i began and I love it. Now i can be a virgin all over again. FINALLY!!! *Calls daddy* I mean i slept with him first before anyone haha…before i even knew i would need a little black book. If i handed it too you, you would go to Page One and see his name there.

I think i need a gentleman in my life now. I need one to tame me. I’m a wild one, we know this and it’s because my independant streak gets the better of me. I like a man who could maybe take charge of me. Not many can. I need one that’s dominant and brave and MANLY. One that is gentle, loving and kind, but will make me respect him. I mean, my ex-hubby was a control freak, but i sure as hell listened to everything he said. He tamed me…i need that. This boy, i quite like, i think? I dunno, i don’t really know him too well? We’ll see. I sent him 2 slutty pictures, because i couldn’t help myself. I never get too excited until it all happens. Therefore in 2 weeks…you will be re-informed.

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