Easy Like Sunday Morning

Woke up abruptly after dreaming of He-Man (the toy,) then a friend i used to work with doing a music video, whilst holding a tv down a street, my ex-husband playing hide and seek and then a red carpet. I have been told i have one of the GREATEST of minds. HAHAHAHA! There you go..a fine example of sheer greatness!

Went out last night and had my face grated with sand paper. God knows where paper made of sand was found in a bar? However it was and boys were grating it against my face!! They have no game. I mean what happened to ‘Romance camp?’ You’re meant to sleep with girls, not destroy their money making beauty goddamit! Hilarious! Oh and Me being completely down to earth and not at all vain, went around screaming, ‘NOT MY FUCKING FACE YOU BITCHES!! I’M GONNA BE ON TELLY!! I NEED MY FACE!’ Shameful, but it works for me. I’m a starlet in the making. The sad thing about it, was that i meant every single word of it!!! HAHAHA! I poured their drinks out onto the floor, every time they bought one, in an act of ‘Karmas a bitch.’ It’s amazing how MAD  that makes boys! So mad they get turned on…

I’ve just got off the phone to my Burmese fortune teller in Rangoon. Sounds so random, but true…plus i’m being rushed so i’ve got to keep it brief. (Stop applauding you twits!) And i have odd people doing tae kwon doe around me and complaing for no reason. I always say i’m not superstitious, yet you’ll never find me walking under a ladder and always finding out whether a black cat strutting across your path is lucky or unlucky??

Anyway, the fortune teller  told me that i have a phenominal year of career success..(about time really) and that i would be moving into a new house…(again?) I will be travelling all over with work and (well then I told her to tell me the bad stuff, as ofcourse the good stuff isn’t gonna really be a problem… ) She said ‘not much’ just  that something really bad might happen to my eyes, where i’ll have to have an operation and i might fall and break my leg. MY FUCKING EYES?? What? MY LEGS!!! What!!!!  I need to fire her and find a new teller of fortune.

Going shopping! Peace!

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  1. im pleased u had a good night chrissie i had a few pints of nelson down the boozer last night to watch the fottie i hope u have a good day today and a lovely roadt best of luck next week babe tell me what day it starts boo and i will have a butchers


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