Easter/drunks and Hamburger Mary’s

So we finally made it to Easter, and i’ve been in Doncaster all day shopping. All i can say really, is that you know you’re in Donny, when mid-shop, you get caught up, in a tornado made up of Doncaster’s finest trash!! I had old newspapers, last nights drunken leftovers, and curry boxes, whirl winding around me, at the speed of light. Then i went for lunch at ‘Que Pasa,’ and talked to an old mother, with bleach blond hair, and a somewhat too manly voice, who was on the look out for the next ‘not so’ handsome stranger, who had brought her 8 year old daughter to the bar with her for help, whilst she sipped a vodka coke!! YES!!! Happy Easter little 8 yr old!! She said i had a nice tan. (it’s fake)

Anyway, after a few beers, a few drunken men howling at me, and a stripper pole, i open a national enquirer, and in it is ‘Hamburger Mary’s…a bar i use to go to all the time in LA, because you can get fishbowl margaritas for $5!! ‘Will,’ from ‘Will & Grace,’ had been in there, and he was standing by, the guy, (wait for it)… that i had sold my friends arse to for a piece of gum, and a cigarette!! Can you believe it?? I guess he went from dancing on tour with Janet Jackson, to selling Losers like me, fishbowl margaritas at Hamburger Mary’s…at least he’s moving up in the world! I need to get back to LA!!

As much as i would love to natter, i really can’t be bothered, as i have dinner at ‘Aaagra’, in about….oh shit…right now!! Fuck!! I love you!!

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