Dungeons, Shopping and Doing Xmas Early


Morning you sexy bitches of delight!

Right, i’m in a rush because i’m having to write this blog between a nursery run and a work run!

Life is busy and i need to get my kitten heels on and get cracking. Being Mum, having an eyelash line to launch and a full time job isn’t easy….but i’m getting there…and with bells on. SO THERE!

Okay, so the good thing is that yesterday morning, whilst I was shattered but filled with a joyous bit of Costa πŸ™‚ I dollied off to what I call ‘The Dungeon’..which to you may sound kinky, but to me is just a boys pad, where meetings and photoshooting takes place…in the dark.

I was in pinstripes and in good hair…so the world was at peace with me.

Whenever i venture to ”The Dungeon’ I always end up having some accidentally tremendous marketing lesson…which makes me feel awesome about my future. Y’see, i like people that know what they’re doing..when i don’t. And I like people who know how to take things to the next level…when i don’t…or when i’m busy. AND I especially enjoy folk, who get me excited about what i’m hear to do! I mean, it’s very easy to let life distract you…from your goals, when it comes to business and success…but these guys, pulled me right back in focus….and not even with swearing. These are folk who understand the business that I am in, what goes on, whats’ meant to happen and where I can go with it. The rest of you, who don’t get it are stupid. πŸ™‚

So, I marched out of ‘The Dungeon’ with the heart of a lion and on a mission to get back to being ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ I’m ready and well it seems i’m accidentally quite good at it and i say accidentally, but i’m i’m actually quite clued up when it comes to the business that i’m in….people just think that i’m not because i’ve made you think that, i guess. ‘Wiggle///wink///pout/’

To say, that i only like things of glamour, ‘The Dungeon’ ain’t so bad. It’s like the hole in the bottom of a magician’s black hat before he pulls the wriggly bunny out, and way before the confetti shower. πŸ™‚ And it’s in Wakefield…so it’s scary at all costs. πŸ™‚ (Total Images….take a look.)

I like it. I like life right now. And i’m gonna do well!

Other than that I’ve finally managed to have proper hardcore mUmmy time with the babies. I have honestly never seen them happier. We did Grotto’s, Christmas, lights and the world. And well Junior, who can’t wait for anything, will shove people out the queue, break down candy cane bars, storm through the grotto and quickly high five Santa, to get to his present. Ruby has way more swag about the situation. She simply doesn’t get why she has to wait for Santa to bring her her presents at Christmas, when her ‘mum can just buy themfor her before,’ LOL. She’s a smart cookie and she knows where to ultilise her charm. It certainly isn’t on Santa…as she doesn’t see the benefit of waiting. πŸ™‚

But on the whole, they both loved Christmas. Junior nearly EXPLODED with excitement…we got to cuddle by the ‘early up’ tree, sign, dance and eat cake!

I’m happy…i’m in a rush…so yeah…dashing off.

Catch you later tonight, to talk lashes.



C x


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