Dreams, Babies, & Guardian Angels?

You shouldn’t have a strong black coffee at around 4pm because you find yourself awake at 1.31am, after a snooze that you truly believed would sail you through to sunrise. 

It WAS however worth it, because I managed to briefly catch up with Miss. Murphy. I haven’t been able to catch up with her for ages. It feels like soooo long! Therefore almost two whole accidental hours of ‘catch up,’ gracefully divided over two separate Mondays, by Christmas, as our children take their socks off, eat cake & run free….was delightful. 

Murphy: ‘Do you go every week? I need to come. My back needs stretching? Not to court. To pilates.’ 

‘Tuesday morning, kinda when I can. She’s actually a really good pilates teacher. The class is good!’ 

‘Well I can’t go this Tuesday, I’ve got work. I want to go though. But I can’t even touch my toes.’

‘Nat goes…’

‘Does she?’

Anyway….As the tale goes… I share lots with Miss.Murphy, so everything else, you simply can’t know about. Haha. Blame #life

So here’s the diversion…

Weird things happened in my sleep last night! So! This is gonna sound creepy. But it really does happen occasionally. It’s happened twice this month!

I’m all fast asleep in dream land. My eyes’ll open at some silly ‘early morning’ o clock, ie/ 1.31am.

I’ll always hope it’s around 5.45am because I can survive the day if I wake up at that time. But it never is. It’s always silly o clock. One of those awkward early morning times, where you really need more sleep, to at least have a go at a ‘ happy rest of the day.’ However, you can’t seem to get back TO sleep, can you? Well until 30 minutes before your alarm is about to go off. Then you’re eyes fancy a shut.

Anyway, because I want to keep it creepy, when I do wake up, I’ll feel all strange. Y’know, like someone’s there with you in the dark..watching you.

Each time, at my bedroom door is a chick, with short black hair, kinda like Kat, who I did the ITV ‘Hilton’ show with. (If you didn’t know, she took her own life…years ago, after the show. She was my best friend….and I’m definitely sure, as she promised, she comes to see and haunt me, because she knows I’m terrified of stuff like that. It seems like her. It feels like her and it CREEPS me OUT!!!

The first time it happened. I felt terrified. Now, like with anything…I’m kinda used to it, so I’m LESS terrified. I’m not comforted yet. Just less terrified. I get on with it, like I know the score.

Infact, I’ve decided to go with…Guardian angel vibes. It smooths it over doesn’t it. Makes it less…I don’t know? But this DID and DOES happen!

Anyway, she always leaves me with a distinct number to remember. She once left me with 333. It was in my head SO much, I even looked up what it could mean, because I couldn’t shake it off.

This time it was the numbers 8, 9, 1.

I dreamt of them. It was nuts. I wasn’t so caught yo. I knew I was meant to Google. Lol.

It’s almost like I know the drill now, so I straight away googled their meaning. This happens all the time. It’s really creepy. But I’m there. I get it.

This is what I found….

It’s just so weird…because I’m not into numerology at all. It just happens and I find myself having to Google it at 2am, on occasion. It’s iinda Ann inconvenience. Does this happen to other people?

FYI/ I know this is sounding bonkers. But it DOES happen. Just go with it.

Plus, looking things up is not my favourite, in case it’s not what I want to see, read or hear. I hate it, but of course do it anyway.


This must definitely mean wonderful times are to come, right? Surely? Right? It says good things, so I kinda wanna cling into it!

I slept then…like a baby and didn’t wake up until 5.51am. I had the best sleep ever.

What was that all about? Why does that happen to me?! Who leaves me with numbers and not wine? Honestly. It’s weird.

But away from that, I had the best time with the babies before bed. I laid with them as they watched the ‘Norris Nuts’ on Youtube. It’s our favourite. Junior gets really into it all.

He even wanted to play the ‘Heads or tails’ game.

Ju: ‘Heads you have to cuddle me. Tails you have to kiss me and tell me you love me Mummy!’

He’s so cute! It’s great odds. Haha.

But it was just good to see him so happy again. Watching his little face. Bless him. He was free.

Little Ruby had spilt a peppermint tea on her hand, and it burnt her and blistered. Poor thing. She cried. But received lots of ‘make it better love.’ (Sometimes that’s all you need, right?) This morning she tottered in with an ‘I’ve burnt my hand’ note. It made her feel extra special and face her something to talk about.

Ruby: ‘Don’t tell anyone, I have this blister!!!’

Me: ‘Why? I mean, they should know, that way no-one accidentally knocks it or whatever…’

She goes through the school gates, she tells everyone immediately and all the girls rush and fuss around her, within seconds. She was still telling the tale, as I left. Haha. She even smiled at me!!! Lol (Little Miss, ‘I don’t want anyone to know.’)

Anyway. We can’t wait for Halloween and for the half term break. The kids are so excited because this time their break, their holiday is filled with delight. No stress. No drama. Just love. Just Mama. Just family. Just Wunna Land. Happiness. Fun!! They’re counting down the days! Even I’m excited!!!

Happy Tuesday.

Thank you for following my life x

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