Drama for yo mama much

Work has been easy today! I’ve verbally nursed a boy named ‘Russian’ back to better health, by laughing at him sloowly flu his way to death, in giant gloves. I’ve giggled with excitment at the fact that work colleague ‘Matt’ has spent a portion of his hard earned pences on MICROWAVABLE slippers! Genius behaviour! (‘Chrissie! Chrissie! Look! I’ve just bought microwavable slippers, a scroll and boots from Ibiza…’) I’ve listened to a gent named ‘Ross’ tell me how his girlfriend dumped him over the weekend, after she viewed slaggy photos of girls doing naughty things to themselves on his old phone…and everyone else (apart from the girls) and a couple of personal trainers with hammers and lemon flapjacks…got snowed in! I love how ‘Russian Mark’ drove all the way from York, ‘Farty Matt’ got a train from Kings Cross this morning at 7am, in order to get to work in Wakefield for 10am. Yet the ‘Big guns’ seemed to have not been able to shimmie out of their driveway this fine, ‘not very snowy’ morning. 🙂

I’ve just got home, after Loverboy picked me up filled to the brim with ‘drama for yo mama.’ I hate drama right now because i’m avoiding all kinds of stress. He’s having joyous problemos at his own place of work and for some delicious reason likes to pull me into it all, by using MY pink Blackberry to make ‘probably gonna get told off’ phone calls and then do the hidieous move of placing it on speakerphone, meaning i have to openly listen to his awkward drama, all the way home. UGH!!! I felt trapped in prison of car, as we meandered around the streets of Wakefield. Then he yelled at me for stating that he had a random st’ st’ st’ stammer. (I listened to his whole convo and thought poorly of the way he was unable to directly stand his ground or make himself clear. He was rather wishy-wash and ‘grey zone.’ I’m a kitten of utter directness. I’m confident, sassy and you will KNOW what i mean and when i mean it!! There is ZERO ‘um…um..but um…er..’ in my strut. It really gets to me when people are like that. Then it gets to me, when you’re giving them petrol money and they’re doing angry scrunched up faces at you, no matter how brief, their moment of frustration is.)

I’ve actually had an amazing day. Yeah, i may have spent the last 20 minutes stomping around Asda, with a face like a slapped arse, due to Loverboy stressing me out, whilst purchasing baby new potatoes and a Double Decker. But now, i’ve had time to chill, ‘blog’ it all out and actually enjoy the fact that i’m finally tanned and all ‘Dolly glam’ right now. I have a kitten by my side, dinner being cooked for me and excited for my work week ahead. Loverboy’s had a week off work and it’s noticeably more annoying when he has nothing to do. Men are like that aren’t they? My grandad used to always tell my Mum and I that in order to keep a man happy, you must make sure you keep him busy! (Luckily his ‘drama’ has been sorted and i’ve told him off for passing the ‘stress ball.’ I usually can’t catch sober, so it’s rubbish that i managed to absorb his 15 minutes of drama.’)

I can’t wait for dinner and a night of telly watching! The good thing about my life is that whenever the ‘love’ part of it gets pinickety or draining, i can simply plunge my pretty self into work. I categorize them into completely alternate boxes and use them against each other, in order to stay mildy sane.

I’m happy. Hope you are to!! Big Winks Always!

Chrissie x

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