Double Girl God Whammy, Love, Men & Wind ups


Great day today! I’m feeling awesome! Work is fab! I’m spending my last couple days with my closest and mostest…I mean, it’s not like i won’t see them ever again…as I will…I just won’t see them as much and that’s hard as when i adore people, i tend to adore them forever. The good thing is that my Chapter’s new seems awesome. I got a call this evening, already seeing if i’m up for a specific night out with the girls. 🙂 So, I can’t wait! I’m so excited! My outfits are going to be divine!

I’m annoyed that i had to postpone my botox and teeth whitening with Hatfield Dental probably for next month now. My own fault. But i have no work cover. Yet the great thing about the wait,  is the fact that i’ll be able to tell you all about it, as the event builds up…which always makes it more magical. (See you soon Mr.Hussain, i’ll be shimming in, in a jiffy!)

I enjoyed a double ‘Girl God’ whammy today! Lisa (I LOVE Lisa) strutted in to do scrambled eggs, tell me how much i’m going to be missed, almost make me do a cry and then let us both agree to grow up ungracefully. I’m going the whole haul. Fuck growing up wrinkly…i’m having the works done! More boobs, botox, and everything in between..and why? Just because I can. 🙂 I’ll be the hottest cougar on the block and if i’m all shacked up and married by then…i’ll be the hottest, wifey, piece of cougar ever! LOL. YOU LOVE IT! I adore Lisa because she has this sexy ‘genuine’ in her eyes….and she bought me flowers that time! Remember!!!

Then hours later, after i got all fed up…I surprise ran into Victoria, by bags of salad, DVD’s for £2 and toddlers who knock over beer bottles. It was busy around us with people sauntering, yet i always adore my surprise Vicky bump ins! (Lisa, Victoria and I, all have babies who go to the same school..which is the Quaker school that I went too.) Anyway…we hugged, i caught her up on my life…I chatted with Estelle..She assured me that she couldn’t possibly move to Doncaster with her ‘Handsome Guy’ until there was a hot tub (hahahaha, I love her, it’s certainly very Wunna) and we reminded each other to schedule wine, now that i was doing a ‘bye bye.’ Then we rushed off to continue to be Mums…It was wonderful!

I got called ‘too attractive’ today TWICE and i got chocolates! Then I got called ‘ignorant’ by a random internet guy that I don’t know, simply because I didn’t reply to his snapchat. Lol. It always makes me laugh. I mean, yes, I don’t reply to the majority simply because it’s not a priority and i can’t be bothered. But i do, do replying…yet, to the people i fancy chatting to..which makes complete sense to me. 🙂 If i don’t want to chatter to you, i don’t have to and I won’t. So cry me a river. A big one filled with diamonds. I’m not bothered. Remember i’m a focused girl. I know what I want. I’m not a chick who spreads herself thinly at all. Grab a wine, simmer down. Quit being a bambino.

I wound Tony up today for kicks because i’m good like that! I decided to ‘like’ nearly every single one of his pics on Facebook to bundle up his notification news feed up, for a giggle. Not really that funny…but at the time REALLY funny to me? Shut it,i’m bored. To be fair he was hot on most of them…I like Tony, he’s fun. Yet i did eventually quit being a dickhead and let him get on with his date! HAHA. *Wedding bells.*

Then the Spanish Doctor sent me a message…The usual ‘hey beautiful creature’ kind of thing, with kisses and all sorts, and a ‘life have just been mad on this end.’ I just replied with a ‘oh, as long as you’re well’ and left it at that. Lol. The excitement of that has died as HE’S the priority in his world, which is a good thing…yet, it’s just not what i’m looking for. I want to be someone’s heart, their desire, their world…and like i said earlier, there is a boy somewhere, who will feel that, love the notion and adore me. However, he makes a great friend. I love older guy friends, when they are wise and nurturing.

I’ve also noticed that guys often WAIT for ME to message them…I hate that…just get on with it, if you want to. If you think about me…then tell me and shoot me some cyber love. I am refusing to chase boys….and simply because my Mr.Right WILL come get me.

(Awww, just got a message in from Victoria saying that she is so happy for my new work venture and that so many new opportunities are gonna come my way, from it. Made me smile. I love her.)

But that’s this blog and i I have another en route…where in which i’ll be telling you about our ‘suited and booted’ Cloughey…

Stay tuned..







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