Don’t think i won’t get a Sumo


OmG! I’m having the busiest work day. Luckily it’s all sunny and ‘ooh,’ as my body can’t function in the brisk London air. (Now pass me my Diors and let me shimmie through Wednesday with a vixen pout and a ‘laaa’ so viscious.) Today, i’ve ‘tantrumed’ because i now want a real life sumo wrestler, to guard me. And the tragic thing is, that i’m not even joking. I want a sumo, in his full ‘get up’ to guard my body and i want to name him ‘Rosie’ and kinda like NOW! It’s sooooo Chrissie Wunna. I need it to happen. And i want my assistant to be a butler, or a ‘Mini me.’ (Karaaaateeee Chop!)

Okay so today, i have been on a baby shoot…did a little interview for Asia. (They’re good to me and mail me gifts!) I can be bought, now don’t you worry. I did a talk for who i thought were going to be teenagers…at a school, well college. Anyhow, they ended up being rather intelligent adults..around my age and above! OMG! I’ve never been so nervous. (My ‘people’ thought it would be better that i didn’t know, as i APPARENTLY work better ‘on the spot.’ On the spot? Nobody does anything on the spot.. but sleep. Well unless it’s my ‘G’ spot ofcourse. Then it’s a very busy place. Anyhow, I naturally flourish in an uncomfortable moment.) It was a media class, who have been studying me and my blog and well they invited me in, to do a ‘Q&A,’ and well chat to them on my views on LOVE and LIFE. I was terrified. But it went soooo well. The Wunna (who wants a pet sumo wrestler) is now educating Grown ups. Be scared, be very scared. They even gifted me with wine!!! I fucking LOVE my LIFE!!! Finally my words are making a difference. (IN YOUR FACE!!)

I now have one more meeting, then i have to trek back to an office and hopefully get a pedicure on the way. The whole entire time, i’ve been working, i’ve been facebook chatting to you all and I love it. I’m so nosey. I love to have a good old rummage in not only your pants, but your deliciously mysterious lives. You guys tell me everything. And i like that we all have secrets. It’s sexy, armed with bedroom eyes!

Okay on the boy front, you all want to know what’s a cracking. Well i took a vow of celebacy and that’s probably going to get broken tonight. I can’t help it. I was born this way. I love my body and i love to flaunt it. And i admire anyone who to can give their ‘bodywork’ a good old shimmie and not give damn. Celebrate it! I’m passionate, i’m loving and i have a lot to give. 😉 Yeah there’s a lot of boys i’m talking to, who believe they could be potential suitors from all walks of life. (Yet, I’m not too sure?) I don’t ‘play‘ them. And i don’t because (and this is gonna sound egotistical) I DON’T HAVE TO!!! I’m getting a lot of attention. I’m just having fun. That’s what life is for and that’s what boys love about Me. My arm candy is currently ‘Lashes,’ who i’m hanging out with tonight. Having that shitty experience with ‘Zero’ really made me appreciate ‘decency’ in Men, and that’s what ‘Lash‘ is. A man who is successful at life and being a human being. Kinda like I am. (Am i really just dating myself?? lol)  We’re gonna have a quiet one at mine, with feasts and booze and telly. We’re close and well i trust him. We’re on the same level and mindset. He’s like ‘Latin lover’…. strong!! And i like that he can take the piss out of himself.

Today, i was told i was a bit of a gay icon. (Not  whole piece…but a ‘bit of one.’ lol.) I love it. I love my gays! U are beautiful!! And i was told that they love me because i’m strong, and independant, i love my life and i make my own money. It really meant a lot to me. Therefore thankyou ‘Deeva.‘ Winky wink pout. Things like that keep me strong! Knowing that i’m setting an example and i’m doing it in diamonds. Now where’s my fucking sumo!

4 thoughts on “Don’t think i won’t get a Sumo”

  1. Christina, if you will recall, the last time you swore to a period of celebacy I bet you a dinner that you would break it within 1 week. You broke it in 24 hours!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Omg…I only half remember. It’s Hollywood for you, the men are hotter.

    Who did i break my vow with? I really can’t remember?? And did i buy you the dinner?

  3. I think you had sex with that bodyguard on Detroit Avenue. And yes, you took me to dinner at the Wood Ranch BBQ at The Grove. You looked so bored because:

    1. I was not a hot guy.
    2. The dinner would not lead to any other activities that night.

    Boy! No one’s ever going to understand our relationship!

  4. hahaha….OMG! Yeah Tommy! He had a ginormous ‘willy’ and a bad attitude…. It definitely wasn’t worth it. Haha…

    I completely remember now! I miss Wood Ranch and The Grove. Lol…I promise you i wasn’t bored. I just hated losing the bet!

    I enjoy that no-one will ever understand our relationship. You save my life over and over again!


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