Done & Dusted

Finally booked my hotel for tomorrow. I’m gonna be spending the day, well night in Liverpool tomorrow and yeah, it should be fun. I can’t remember ever going there before? Knowing me i probably have but i was trashed. I love new places, new faces, so whatever i’ll have decent night. The retarded thing about it is that i booked the hotel online and wanted to book ‘Malmaison’ which is beautiful and trendy and soooo kitty kitty me. Yet i COULDN’T because they ONLY ACCEPT CREDIT cards and not even a bank card…like a card where the money will come straight out of your account!! Hilarious. They’ll let you use pretend money…but not actual money. It’s like a fucking toy town. Therefore even though i’m gutted, because we all know i lurve a nice hotel. I’ve stayed in loads of hotels and all over the world…actually even lived out of them at one time. Pricey, but lovely. Lol. But anyway, i had to book a different one. One that happens to accept real money and that was the Marriott (sounds far less ‘ooh laa’ but i’m told it’s alright,) in Liverpool City Centre. Therefore after i’ve had my extensions sewn in, i’m going to venture off to Liverpool, pamper a bit, have a few drinky poos with Mark and then go out on my date thing. I leave the next day….hungover. Woohoo! (I needed to get the hotel because i’m not one for staying awake at the train station until 8am, waiting for the first train back. The last time i did that, i woke up in Leeds, laid on a blue metal bench with holes in, next to a bunch of strippers, a druggie and dressed like a PLAYBOY BUNNY…ears and everything. I think my best chick friend was with me too, eating a low fat yoghurt!

It was awful. I was freezing. Then to make it worse it was a week day, i didn’t have a jacket and i had to walk to the train, dressed like a Playboy Bunny, get on the first train and it was FILLED with laptop typing business men, who were all doing much better things with their life. Baaaaad!! But we’ve all done it. I think i stank of vodka too. Lovely lovely. I was about 17 or 18? I remember running home, and getting changed and trying to make it look like i had been home all night, so my mum wouldn’t give me a lecture. It worked too. Yippeee.!

Other than that, i wasted moments of my life babbling with my little jonny, who claims that he OWNs anyone he’s ever made out with. He’s made out with EVERYONE pretty much…well that i’ve seen. Nice try attemtping to own me. Lol. You don’t get to *kiss* me and OWN me. You get to *kiss* me and realize you now have ‘herpes of the mouth.’  We actually had a good bit of banter. We’re getting on better than ever really. Lucky.

Then i decided i wanted ride my horse. (Nice link there Wunna….haha.) It’s white and called ‘Juicy.’ (Random.) I didn’t want it to be a horse though, so i tried to attached a carved parsnip to it’s head to make it look like a Unicorn. I spent ages doing it, that day turned into night…so i went with the option of ‘fuck it’ (omg, not literally…hahahha) and went back inside, where i wasted more time babbling to Wazza about my love life and how he likes dating ‘fat chicks.’ We’ve come to the conclusion that i’m extremely psycho when in a relationship and that i should be single for ever. Either way…i’m not bothered. I love being me. Life is easy. Haha. (That JL

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