Doncaster Today!

Just woke up. In a mighty old rusheroo. I have diamonds draped from my cardigan and nappies attached to my hair. Baby Ruby is being tended to by my Mr. Lover Lover and I’m waiting for my darling Mother, (The Great Wunna before Me) to drive on down and take both Baby Ruby and I to Doncaster, so that I can get my weave tightened.

I don’t exactly know what that entails? But i’m having to get it done anyway, due to the fact that i believe my weave now growls. I have an 11am appointment at ‘Talking Heads’ and well anytime I can been surrounded by good Doncaster girly banter, pink and glamour puss parlour like smells..I’m happy. I’ve never had a weave done with a bambino on my knee before. Hopefully they’ll get the right head and my chil won’t come out looking like Tina Turner. [Oh go that *rooollling* dance.]

I’m slighty nervy because whenever I do venture back to my hometown, (where they love a bit of the old Wunna) it gets a little hectic. (Aww Ruby looks like JLO today.) I’m gonna be in the hair salon for an hour of my day, then i’m let loose into the circus of Doncaster to get my much needed essentials. (Baby headbands & lipgloss.) I’ve slept in my contacts again, therefore if you see me and i’m ‘lazy eyeing’ you, know that i’m blind and give me money. 🙂

Erm…shit! I hate these blogs where i have about 1 minute to tell you everything and then everything never comes out!!! My agents gonna kill me for not working on my book today. However, i’m just in the mood for getting back my femme power and waltzing around life with my baby ‘looks like JLO’ girly. Ugh! Why is Loverboy’s cat always trying to sabbotage my baby??? God, i can’t at all find my sunglasses!

Anyway, godda go! I’m in Donny all day. I’m getting my hair re-did. I’m working it. I’m owning it. I’m going to attempt to buy skinny jeans. [Applaud here.] And i’m actually going to try and find inspiration for my book.

I really want this all to work out..but I just can’t do it without the right weave! I could totally get a cocktail today if I wanted. *Glitter spray.* Yet due to my low carb intake..i fear that one sip’d make me pass out immediately and i’d end up getting carried away by gypsies, who’d try to sell me to Thailand. I hate that I don’t have working eyes.

Okay. Okay. I think i’m all organized. Oh and if you delicious kittens have any suggestions about what area you think my book should dabble in…message me. I really do need ya help. (Pete and I got invited to some red carpet do tonight…but we’ve turned the shindig down in order to be parents. Are we really growing up??? Holy Moly! Well done us!)

Darlings! Love you. x

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