Doing life with ‘L’ Plates


Everything’s ace. I seem to be washing off the negative and moving forward positively with glee, strength and ‘ooh laa.’ Y’know, everything you end up doing in life, is for some kind of reason. There’s some dumb lesson to learn, some time or place that you needed to encounter. 2014, has been a year of change and well right now, i’m in a great position. I’ve met some wonderful friends, who i hope to keep soldier close to me for life and  i’ve experienced some wonderful moments, be they good or bad….that I hope make me develop as a human and let’s face it, i’m a pretty jolly human..innit.

I’m busy right now, meaning i hardly have time to blog. I’m experiencing a bit of delay on my lashes, yet not too much of a delay that it affects my launch. The children are great. No. They’re really great. I couldn’t adore them anymore and well each day that I wake, i know how lucky i am to be blessed with such amazing babies.

Christmas, my favourite time of year and my birthday season is coming up. I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m learning to not let the shit that doesn’t really matter get to me. We as humans, do that, don’t we? We shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter. Let’s just let the bitter mull over the pain of life, whilst the people getting ahead look forward to the good times.

I do think that everything happens for a reason and i do feel ever so grateful for all the good things that I have going on right now.

The weekend was filled with my photoshoot and well anytime yuo have outfits, heels, and confetti, in a warehouse, that was mildy ‘Lads pad’ for a shoot, you know you’ve been struck my Wunna. I’m super pleased with my pictures. So i hope you are too. But you won’t see them just yet, as i’m plonking them on my lash line website

I still have lots to do and there’s just not enough time to do them.

Boys love me right now. 😉 Right now…i’m concentrating on my business.

Really tired, work in the morning, two full time jobs and two babies. A new business to run and well everything in between.

I need a wine.

I love you,

Wunna x

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