Doing Life, the only way i know how…

Happy Weekend! You made it. If you’ve been anything like I, you’ve certainly had the busiest week! All a ‘goody.’ But ‘oh so’ busy!! I’m shattered. But there’s no rest for the delightful…I’m already on a train headed to Leeds City Centre to shimmie out a bit of ‘acting.’ It’s around 7.55am. 

So, yes! If you’ve had a hectic one…just relax, breathe and take a minute to DO YOU. Don’t forget to enjoy doing you & being you. We kinda forget to at times.

There’s a lot going on. There’s a lot of work. (Which I’m happy about!) So much ‘stuff’ in my personal life to tend to. (Court on Tuesday.) Plus all the school commitments with Ruby & Junior, ‘The Wunna Babies.’ (Ruby spent the day as a Victorian servant on Thursday & Friday, they’ve both headed to school in their Christmas pyjamas, to help raise money for ‘Children in Need.’) 

Just life really! Yeah. Just life. But I’m good! I’m feeling tough. I’m feeling lucky. How you feeling? 

There’s always gonna be good things, that are kinda made mightier by the bad things, we encounter. But d’ya know what? I’m quietly confident, I’m chilled and I’m definitely bathing in wine tonight. 🙂 

I’ve worked really hard, like ‘old school’ me would! When I was a young, fresh faced, eager 20 something in LA. Where I felt unstoppable. I always blah that time off with ‘ I just drank, married an actor and had fun.’ But I didn’t. When I first landed on Los Angeles soil…I smashed it & achieved everything I wanted…because I wanted it so badly.

I’m working that hard now…

Whenever I 100% effortthings, no matter what, I NEVERfeel like I’ve let myself down.(And let’s face it, that’s a ‘jig’ I’m really great at! lol) 

But Yes! No distractions. No distractions is working!! This week…i’ve been a true ‘tryer.’ It’s been non-stop. But I’m loving it. I’m going for it. There’s a fire in my belly. I see the big picture and I want! It’s sexy. There’s a glisten…

(I’ve also just had a Vegan breakfast wrap. I’m loving being vegan, because it’s keeping me slim…I actually feel wonderful! Yet I’m never having a vegan breakfast wrap…in my life…ever… again. I’ll stick to strong, black coffees. We’ll keep it gangsta, up here in Wunna Land. Warmed up scrambled tofu.. in a wrap…is without any doubt….the enemy. I had great banter with the server though. She dropped my first wrap by accident. Haha. I liked her. She was cute. 

The vegan breakfast wrap even HATED itself!!!! It leapt out of the oven without permission and tried to splatter it’s own existence, all over the floor.) 

I’m doing well! I think I’m just shattered because I’ve spent my entire week auditioning and working non-stop. But like I said, I’m grateful. It could be worse! I’ve noticed that I don’t like to give myself a break. Once I want…that’s it, I’m ‘all cylinders going.’ 

I guess doing everything you possibly can, (where it’s worth it) works. The ‘where it’s worth it’ part is essential. If you’re doing everything in all the wrong places, for all the wrong people…You’re kinda wasting your time. 

‘Work smart, not hard.’

I’ve got my hand on my heart. I’m happy. I’m alive. I’m well. I’m kicking. I’m doing all that my soul wishes and as I always say….

I’m EXACTLY where I’m meant to be.  (I’m positioned..correctly. I’ve got this!)

So! If you follow my ‘socials’ you’ll know that I’m doing my Insta Story questions on a daily. I’m not answering too many of them because the only thing everyone’s asking me about is my love life? 


Like I said, I’m not distracted right now. I’ve done that, a million times before. I’m pretty focussed. And yeah, I get it…everyone feels as though I’m SO apparently desired. But like a quote I once read on my friend Harriet’s Insta story….

‘…just because someone’s desires you, it doesn’t mean they actually VALUE you.’

I’m grown. I’m not a kid. I never get the two twisted…and I’m feeling pretty full & pretty happy right now. I have everything I want & I’m doing all that makes me beam! Any ‘additions’ will kinda have to enhance my life, in some way. 

There’s a glint in my eye. A magic. I feel like I’m sat on a rocket, with a Prosecco..and I’m headed to the top of the skies!!! 

(Well, not right now, this second. Right now this second, I’m drinking a much needed black coffee, on a train that’s tinkering into Leeds station.) 

But I hope you’re all well!!!  How’s life feeling, as we’re headed into the festive season? Lol. I don’t really get too needy at Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. I’m excited!!!! I’m not feeling needy, at all. I feel like I’m about to have the best Christmas ever and I don’t even know why? It’s not like I’ve had an easy end to 2019! It’s been shit!!! Haha.

But we’re almost in December, which is my BIRTHDAY month. They say that you’re at your most powerful ‘spiritually’ during your month of birth!!! 

So let the snow fall, grab your tinsel, pour a rum…and enjoy it! 

Godda go! I’m at YAFTA today. 

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