Doing it With Drumstick Lollies

Just found myself in fuschia pink velour jogging bottoms, a baby pink jumper, a massive volume hair piece in ( i always put my giant Hollywood hair piece in, if i’ve been’s my armour. Diva’s pull out their weaves. Floozies put theirs IN) and not only a brown tartan farmers flat cap on my weave ( tilted to the left,) but also furry beige boots, with eskimo bobbles on, a kitten named ‘Gucci’ in my left and of Drumstick lollies on my right. VICTORY!! Add ridiculously pouty lips and eyelashes to that..and you have Wunna Land!

I was sat infront of a giant hallway mirror, stuffing out my face, commenting on how ‘ooh baby’ big my thighs now ere, and attemtping to give my chick friend advice on how to make a boy adore her.

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