Doing it MY way

Cheeky, honest  and with a touch of ‘Ooh laa’ is how i tend to do things. I don’t take nonsense, know how to have the GREATEST of times, love with all my heart and battle with an iron fist and with the sexiest of winks! I believe that if you’re not having fun..then you’re not really living. If you can’t take the piss out of yourself, then you have major problems to overcome. I believe in doing whatever i want, regardless as to whether it’s taboo. Infact the ‘taboo-ness’ turns me on. I have a silent strength and the ability to drink 13 malibu pineapples before passing out. I have something that no-one else posesses. Its a ‘magic’ and my biggest partner in this little thing called ‘life’ we’re living. Right now in my life, i  have a bundle of tragic ‘stupid girl’ politics whispering around me…and i love it. It means i’m worth gossiping about. Yet luckily due to a shamefully delicious egotistical nature..(lol) i’m staying out of the drama and really only caring about what I’M doing in MY life. I’m not too bothered with pondering what they’re ‘NOT doing’ in theres! Wheres my wine goddamit!! Bring in the dancing boys!! Fanfare Please! Woo-hoo!

Chrissie Wunna x

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