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Totally had a slumber party with Baby Ruby last night. Not my usual tragic party of playboy bunnies in nighties, giggling to boyband members and their new pieces of vajazzle. *Rolls eyes.* This bit of  party of ‘slumber‘… that we ever so much enjoy, is simply when Baby Ruby decides she’s far tooo ‘IT’ to nestle for the night alone in her moses basket and therefore demands that she sleeps through the entire night in the bed of her Mummy (ME) and Daddy (Loverboy.) We’re always super careful when we let her do such a thing. But I have a bambino that is addicted to loves cuddles and company.

I do like Julie because today’s the day she told me I was ‘amazing mum.’ All new mums like to hear this. Infact, even if you’re not a like to hear that your amazing. Therefore yeah…all was well with Lil’ Baby Ruby. I don’t think she could be loved and worshipped anymore. Yet I was told that i need to try and take in more calories. My sudden weight loss seems to be of high concern? (‘You don’t even look like you’ve had a baby Christina?’ You need to make sure you’re looking after YOU, as well as the baby.’) Like I said, i don’t know how but the weight has just dropped off? But i will say that I just haven’t had time to get a proper meal in. In 13 days i’ve dropped down from a preggo UK sized 14…to an almost 8. When people point out my weight…it makes me worry. Especially because I only began my baby weight diet yesterday! The other thing she mentioned was to make sure i took my full maternity leave. Julie looked at me with her loving eyes of concern and said ‘You don’t always have to be this superwoman. You’ve been through a giant ordeal.’ I guess, I’m just not that keeny on letting anyone down? Yet the number one ‘being’ who i never want to let down is my new baby daughter. I know i couldn’t love anything more and simply because i let have my ‘limelight.‘ Lol. (Aww..Pete is offering me Wine Gums like he loves me.)

The rest of the day is going to be all about the book, book, book! It’s really something that won’t take me long to polish off. It’s like one of those ever lasting meals that you’ve been told to sit at the table and EAT, when you’re unable to leave the table, until you’ve presented the cleanest of plates. Yet in my defence…when others write their books, they sit down for a few weeks and get it all done and dusted with a gun. (Code for: ‘Hire a ghost writer.’)  I’ve written ALL of mine myself (hence why it’ll be tragic..but you’ll love it) and well during the process of mine, i’ve worked a full day job, worked my showbizzy duties, been pregnant, moved home, found a new love and had a whole entire bambino sprout out of my body during the big old ‘write.’ Before finishing my book, my vagina has actually squeezed out a rather beautiful little girl. If that isn’t Girl Power, then I don’t know what is! [Commit to

I’m getting loads of messages from people who want to know if i’m on ‘OMG! Peaches’ tonight and I am. I didn’t know that i was until i read the TV guide, that describes the upcoming episode and it mentioned ‘Fame.’ Therefore I WILL be waddling onto your screens tonight and I will be joyously ridiculed for it. 🙂 However make sure you watch it and try not to send me hate mail. I loved being on the show. It really was an adventure. I loved that I had baby Rubes living inside my belly during the show and well Lord Knows how Mz.Wunna will get edited. After all that hoopla..I believe I definitely deserve my own show. But saying that, having this blog is kinda like already having one…yet it’s done via written word. A safer option…as I get to edit it. 🙂 

 Loverboy and i never got around to making pancakes yesterday. We kept it ethnic and ordered 1/4lb Chattanooga burgers at 11pm instead. Wahey! I adore my little hip/hop famliy of fabulosity! I accessorize with a  *wiggle* and a *wink.* Pete marches forward with a ‘willy,’ but a sweet shyness and Ruby’s ‘Plus one’ is a bear, who i’ve named ‘Wootsie.’ (I enjoy how Ruby is not a box on the medical ethnicity chart. The Health Visitor puzzled over it for ages, so I just politely grabbed the chart and ticked ‘Mixed other.’ We need a good term for a Black, White, Asian baby? Well one that isn’t just ‘Hot.’) Oh and whoever the repulsive perv was, that text  me a ‘R U horny’ last night… needs to at least wait until my stitches have healed. 🙂

Aww..Pete’s brought me back a salad. Must go! Book! Book! Book!


Baby Ruby                                                         Loverboy

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