Doing it all in heels

Just got home from work, had a really great day. I didn’t really get too much sleep the evening before due to Loverboy & I toying with a bit of ‘hanky panky.’ Due to me being deliciously preggo right now, we’re hardly the ‘bunny love machines’ we used to be. It’s really not because we don’t find each other ‘ooh laa.’ It’s more because we’ve had a couple of inappropriate ‘bleeding after sexytime’ scares…that places ‘hanky panky’ waaaay down the list of importance, when it comes to the safety of our ‘about to pop out’ little girlie!

 I’ve enjoyed the innocence of our love. It’s been really ‘holdy handy’ romantic, cheeky giggles, dashed with shy looks of adoration from my ‘handsome‘ and direct blurts of ‘OMG, i LOVE YOU’s’ by everyone’s favourite Glamour Puss..Me! Yet last night, we were REALLY comfortable with one another, we slopped around his appartment. I boasted. He laughed. I show-offed. He made dinner. We did Chris Moyle’s ‘on the telly’ quiz, which ended with me winning (ofcourse)…i whipped his arse with my pointless knowledge of song lyrics and he lost..even after his pointless methods of cheating. He can’t even cheat well! (I apologise if this blog is crap, but i’m being highly distracted by the Prince William & Kate Middleton documentary. I once met her uncle outside Maya, before the Lil’Wayne after party. Apparently he used to be a pimp? I enjoy how ITV2 have tarted their love life up, for the telly! 🙂 )

Anyway, yeah, Loverboy & I had a bit of a shuffle between the sheets last night and it was YUMMY! He decided to be really into me…and he is anyway, but only because i kept Googling myself and making sure he knew my ‘i’m off the telly‘ and ‘totally was in magazines in bikini’s’ credentials. I’m now that tragic and because i’m now preggo fat. I have to remind him that i’m hot underneath all the ‘baby in my belly’ over-eating! Funnily WORKED. *Winky-wink*. Yes you can bow and call me a CHAMPION!

Hours afterward, whilst we had had dinner and were sat on the sofa flirting, and stroking kittens. I sealed the deal by mentioning the fact that i was once massaged by a big fat french man in LA, who i let feel me up (lol) because i was lonely… and horny? (Oh shut up..he had bought me a rose and a Backstreet boy CD. 🙂 ) For some bizarre reason that floated Pete’s boat and i was thrown inbetween beige sheets and told i was a ‘naughty, naughty’ girl.:) I was literally getting spanked like i was 5. I enjoy comedic moments of kink. We always end up in fits of laughter, at how we find ourselves in the most ‘idiotic’  situations! (If this is making you gip up…i apologize. But i never ‘rumpy pumpy’ these days, therefore when it happens, i feel the need to report it.)

Woke up at 7am this morning, worked all day. Talked about how i have new work friends named ‘Lucy’ who sleep walk and wake up in kitchens asking where ‘Mohammed’ is? Then i had a salad, enjoyed my work load (totally had more to do today,) froze to death, but enjoyed being a ‘normal ‘citizen of the world and then after talking to a magazine that does features of top business men and women in Yorkshire, i discovered a new found love for panty liners! I’m not kidding!! When one becomes pregnant they become your best ever friend. I never really knew why they existed until now??  Weeing a little, whenever you *sneeze* whilst you have a child in your belly, makes panty liners a must have, for ANY dainty glamour puss. Well…unless you want to be a massive scrubber and rock a gungy crotch area, that smells like last nights gutter. EWWW! (Things kept flying into my eye today. Horrific experience. I already have a pair of oriental ‘slanted’ peepers, under a cozy, giant fake eyelashed bonanza. I can’t really see anyway! Therefore, I certainly don’t need ‘things‘ to be flying into my eye. Yet at least this time the ‘flying in’ things, didn’t come out of a human. (Oh the first thing Pete whispered to me, after ‘rumpy‘ were the words ‘i love you.’ I ADORE THAT!!!! I love feeling loved by him! It makes me feel like i picked well. I mean a lot of girls will get a boy that decides he needs to immediately leave, followed by a text explaining how he doesn’t want anything ‘serious.‘ Infact, i got that behaviour in February from a gent i labelled ‘Liverpool boy.’ Happy Valentines to me! Lol. Everything i ever wanted a boy to say to me, with how i always wished to get treated is Peter! I can’t actually believe, i’ve managed to choose a life partner correctly. I need trophies and everything! (I’m currently getting texted about ‘Boy George.’)

Life is really great right now…apart from the fact that i’m hating the fact that pervies keep googling ‘porny’ pictures of me, that i want to kind of file away under ‘past mistake.’ They message me and act like all that ‘disaster’ is recent. It was years ago. Yep…after LA. I was back in England. I made a really big mistake, which i thought was a great idea at the time..(i’m only talking fully nudie pictures here, where i am…lets say warming up my ‘Lady part.’  Nothing more. But I hate it!) The tragic thing about it all was the fact that it wasn’t even about the money. It was due to the fact that at the time, i felt invincible and rebelious and like i could do ANYTHING i wanted and laugh about it later! I wanted to fully experience life and EVERY life path! Now it haunts me forever…and it was one of those rather grand hidieous Wunna moves. (My real life friends think it’s funny, because they KNOW ME! It actually goes against the grainof everything i believe in. However and ofcourse, i realize that the people who do not ‘real life’ know me, may judge me upon this little bad decision! Which i despise. How can one tiny thing, be it good or bad, pretty much dictate who you are as a person forever? That was one moment in my ENTIRE LIFE. I’ve lived for years and hopefully have years to go! If i can file it away…then others should!)

Anyway, now i’m a ‘Mummy to be,’ working a regular, full time online PR job, i’m a writer, a blogger, a model and own my cosmetics line. I’ve had a stint ‘on the telly’ and had the most innocently wonderful life…of both saint & sin!

 The sinning part occured due to me feeling lost and it all began in Hollywood. Only NOW, since this year began have i actually TRUELY found my happy place. I’m never felt stronger, more gentle, more cheeky and happy! Everything accidentally fell into place. New man, new life, close to my family, new job, thriving business of ‘show,’ pure and utter contentment and more importantly a baby girl on her way! What could be better? I can’t even THINK of anything else i would need to add to that list? My dreams have and are continuing to come true and i really think it’s because i always believed they would. I look at my makeup line, stare down at my *baby bump,* read through my publishing deal,  smile when i’m at my regular job, get to cuddle my Mother EVERY DAY and get to hear the man of my dreams tell me that he’ll love me forever. I can’t believe all of this is happening to me..and i’m doing it all in heels!

Ps.I enjoy how i tweeted how much ‘Gillian‘ from ‘I’m a celebrity’ annoyed me, then after causing a minor online stink, I ‘logged off’ giggling, with an ‘Oopsie!’ When will i learn!

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