‘Do you like it well done, coz i do it well’

Well i’m BACK my bottles of ‘ooh yeah Daddio.’ I haven’t blogged in a jolly few days because i’ve been frolocking in places that needed a little bit of a Wunna smear. I’ve been loving life, living life, winking, wiggling and mainly being drunk. Yay! I do love a long holiday weekend, and therefore the events of the four day weekend, kind of got the better of Me, giving me only a cupped hand of time to blog in. I noted the ‘cupped hand’ and then i poured vodka in it and drank out of it, instead of blogging. I apologise. But I am the Kitty cat of Party. The Queen of ‘you know it’ Greatness. The legend that is…. The Ultimate Glamour puss and Lady of Leisure of live it ‘yeah bitch’ life. Therefore, you can’t really punish my rather charming arse too much. (Unless, you’re using whips and rainbow candy canes.) I’ve really enjoyed the last few days of ‘joy joy,’ much. It’s been hilarious. I mean it’s taken me a long time to blog, simply because i needed to search for my memories, in peeky holes i never knew i wandered to. I think better when i’m drunk. I’m currently sober, so i guess i’ll just skim the facts for you. (Once a moments passed, it’s never as delicious. That’s why you have to keep love and life a going….keep it juicy and not only for Lucy. I have no idea what that means? And i don’t care ūüėČ )

Wednesday: All i remember is going for what was meant to be a quiet romantic drinky with my (we all love him) ¬†‘handsome handsome’ boy of love. I enjoy putting boys into categories. (‘You’re for sex, you’re for love, you’re for arm candy, you’re for drink buying…’) But anyway, as we know, i’m totally enjoying and completely loving ‘Loverboy’ right now and yeah we went for a local drink at The Harvester in Pontefract. Two bottles of red wine later, we were sprawled out¬†laughing and making out on the pub bay windowed sofa. He was nervous at the beginning of the night, but then by the end of it was telling me i was getting ‘hotter by the minute.‘ What he didn’t realize was that between each minute of looking at me, he was dowing red wine. ūüôā I love getting boys drunk until their eyes no longer work efficiently. I mean, yeah i’m delicious. But God knows what he was seeing? It was like i was Queen of the Ultimate World. We’re a romantic fun ‘pair up.’ Not a moment of stupidity flies by without us tampering with it. Then it’s winked at, and sealed with a kiss. I had an amazing night. We ended up in a car outside my house,¬†(insert ‘Hanky panky,‘ here.) I think i was impressive, well his face said so.¬†I kept hitting my head on the steering wheel. *Wink pout* Anytime that happens…you’ve been a good girl. Great night. Fun, frisky, ohh laa, under the stars to red red wine. *Wiggle.*

Thursday: I woke up, with a glint in my eye and a mischief so delicious. Can’t really remember what happened? However, again ‘Loverboy’ drove me to Leeds in the early afternoon, to pick up his friends that had just flown in from

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  1. Hi ya haven’t commented one of these blog posts in a while. Think its cool the relationship is going well. Glad you have a really dang good memory too. How can you remember what everyone drinks I could never do that or certain specific details that is so cool. Oh yeah glad you too getting into studying history some. That may be a good sign that you will last for a long time. Oh reason why women looked knackered in the old days didn’t have modern conviences so things where mored difficult. Well anyhow sending love to this blog you and yours and cheers and hope u have a good day. Keep Blazing Trails and Keep Rocking Cheers.


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