Dinners on the table Darling

Happy Thursday Boys!! This is another old favourite, of YOURS not mine…ofcourse it’s before the boob op (i know i keep saying that but i’m keep being asked if i have posted any ‘boob job’ shots….There are NO boob job shots of my ANYWHERE , as of yet!! If you see one…it’s not real…well…haha) I love you, so i’m treating you. Come ‘tamper’ with my corset! This ‘Lady’ needs a ‘MAN’or.

4 thoughts on “Dinners on the table Darling”

  1. i love this pic babe if u ever need a lil essex boy to graft on your manor chrissie u know who to call i aint the sharpest tall in the tall box but i can carry things. i can open bottles of stella with me teeth and i can cook a mean lobster and prawn surprise. i cant wait ot see the pics with the new thrupnies coz every fride loves a pair of fun bags. but believe it or not i am a harris man take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. If this photo had been “post boob job”, I’d say your boob job had
    been done by the best boob job surgeon in the world, bar none!

    And that is the first time I’ve written a sentence using the words
    “boob job” 3 times. Not that I’ve ever needed to before though!


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