Did not win it

Had a wonderful day and still feeling lovely, even though it rained all over me today! I don’t think i won that Daily Star Footie Foxy thing, as i would have been told already…for some reason i’m still chirpy (there must be something very wrong with me)…i think it’s because i had a good call from my agent today, who got me an audition for something ‘smile smile big big,’ because i managed to selfishly text her, whilst she was on her Honeymoon, about it. I’m good like that!! Can you believe it?? I ask her about work whilst she’s on her HONEYMOON! Great client! I’ma dream to work with. Anyway, where was i?? Oh yeah… Unfortunately this other girl, who did not win, sent me an email, complaining about how the Daily Star treated her…and i guess it was bad, but i have other fish to fry right now, I’ve heard ‘no’ so many times, that this is a walk in the park. It’s only the ‘Yes’s’ that count, and i’ve had my fair share of those…luckily, otherwise i would have to kill myself. Scrabbling around for recognition is great. Keeps your blood flowing, and all that jazz. It also causes severe panic attacks, anxiety and often depression. But it still rocks! We just file it under ‘Good times!!’

Anyhow, went shopping, it rained, and stupidly to pass the time my mother and I bought random objects we didn’t need, just to fill in the quiet spaces, between banter. We ended up with over 12 bags, and a bloody giant shoe rack, and for some reason 4 massive bags of oranges from a market stand. This is bad when it decides to piss it down with rain. Luckily there was no parade. I just got home, from spending those precious 5 hours with Daddy at the hospital, shopping for food with my nutritionist ( i start a new diet tomorrow), and i recieved a LETTER through the post!! I LOVE personal letters, and it was from someone very dear to me, (my disgusting Web monkey,) all the way from Hollyweird!! Woo-hoo! And included photos of me, which is always a good. I miss him, and all my friends. But i’ll be back bitches. I’m just enjoying my English ‘time-out’ right now. I never admit how much i am enjoying it out here., as i always like to slag things off. It works for me! But the break has been wonderful, apart from me having to forfeit doing a major fucking TV show out there. (But i’m not bitter…hahaha…totally bitter.) It’s a nice change…and i hate the word ‘nice.’

I’ve godda go and be all girlie and whatever, but i love you, and big kisses xxx

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  1. rhis country is full of blind cuntz then chrissie . there is me going on how we are still great and they go and do this the british bulldog is a dying breed im araid chrissie. im so sorry for u babe can i apoligise for england chrissie. u should of well won chrissie . u ever need any more votes or anything i got your back chrissie. u should og bakc ot hollywood when they probably of appreciated a beuty such as yours chrissie. i rwealy am wounded for u chrissie take care treacle tada scratch xxx


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