Delve into my Inbox

I always say ‘Welcome to my life’ so to ease you into you’re Monday evening…(yes i’ve had Port) i’ll let you delve into my inbox, so you know…what it’s likey, to be a real life ‘Glamour Puss.’

.’…”Thank you GOD for such a
Beautiful Creation named Chrissie, Godspeed!…

like a goddess’

.’ Also you are so gorgeous fabulous gorgeous and one hundred and one percent for taking this fantastic outstanding awesome picture. Good luck to to you all for everthing and God bless. Trust me you are so super gorgeous fabulous outstanding fantastic beautiful inside your lovely heart and outside your aspect performance. Always and forever at all time. No doubt and a pen that never can mention it…..:):) You are also the unique one thousand and one percent truly, truly, truly super AAAAAAAA++++++++ fabulous gorgeous adorable perfectly fantastic outstanding princess in all of the whole greatest wonderful lovely world…..:):):):)’

.’..I’m proud of u from Burma.’

.’This is the third time you’ve ignored me. lol’

.’When are we going out Wunna??’

.’ I’m your biggest fan. I really want to meet you.’

.’My cock will be in your pussy soon.’

.’You are the most beautiful women in the world.’

.’Joe wants to come to LA with us. Is that okay with you?’

.’You’ve really inspired me. You’ve made a really big impact in my life.’

.’I want to smear you in custard and lick it off while midgets, feed u strawberries.’

.’You could wipe the floor with that bitch.’

.’Hi babe, i think you are stunning.’

.’ I love you sooo much, it won’t fit into this tiny box.’

.’Chrissie Wunna…I wunna fuck you. (see what i did there.)’

.’..I really like being sweet to you because you are so nice darling. I really like being lovely to you as you are so very lovely to me too darling. I think we have a special friendship together darling. I really value your friendship we have and i thank you from the bottom of my heart darling.  I have now got girlfriend and her name is Cathy Jean and she is really lovely and nice and very sweet just like you honey.’

.’Come back to LA your fineness, your highness!!’

.’Can you like my status please x cheers x x would mean loads to me x’

.’I saw your vulva.’

.’I love you sooooooo much. I read your blog every single day.’

.’When are you free for a coffee and a chat? You have no time for me.’

.’You are fabulous, beautiful and the girl of any mans dreams.’

There you go…a random pick from my inbox for you. Everyday it’s filled with delights and i think it’s what adds to my confidence, my Va Voom. That’s why everyday, i try and cheerlead as many people on as i possibly can…because i KNOW it helps. I appreciate all my messages…good and bad, because it fools me into thinking, i’ve moved another human being into needing to contact me and ‘voice.’

I’m currently groomed, bored, on my period and waiting for my ‘Handsome’ to hurry up. *Kitty wink* I love you…and i’m fricking sober.

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