Deary Deary me

Doll faces. It feels like it’s been sooo incredibly long since i last blogged. But i’m back in London and already causing mayhem. I’m having to write this from a cyber cafe, because my internet is soooo ‘down’ and not the good kind 😉 therefore i’m mildly embarasses because i’m ONE having to write this with people staring at pictures of my boobies, and TWO realized that i’m an actual computer geek who can’t live without the old world wide web! (Obviously a computer geek, with a great tan, a decent set of jubblies and a viscious Va Voom.)

Okay, i got back a day ago, i think? When one has to say ‘i think’ you know bad shit has happened. Well, i got back, and i was feeling all ‘ummdee aaarrr’ due to missing being up north and well my other northern pally Jonny kinda had a lot of ‘drama’ on his plate….so we made the excutive decision to go out and do what any ‘IT’ girl does…adn find the answers to our prayers at the bottom of wine bottles. Woohoo!

We’re neighours (pretty much) so we kept it local. I was far too over dressed (oh hush…it’s what i do! lol. I’m either over dressed, or not dressed.) And well he was all skinny jeaned and ‘James Deany.’ We had fun. I mean we talked out of minds, drank, talked to strangers, drank, boogied, drank, reminised, dranked, talked about our careers, drank, then drank drank drank drank…after bullying a few needed to be put in their place people. Jonny and I get on. We’re good like that. No matter what shit we go through, we have a level of trust, that has taken time to solidify. I had a great night.

Now Lots of things happened, which i’m refusing to tell you anything about…and simply because i can’t remember, But we jumped in a cab, and it vebtured us off into #party hell.’ I remember play fighting in the cab and the taxi driver getting mad…and well all i can say is anytime you’ve accessorised with a water bottle filled to the brim with neat vodka….you’re goingto end up being in trouble.

Lots of kinda fun happened. I mean we should’ve just stayed in Camden..or up north LOL. I remember snow ridden maddness, which didn’t really involve us, but involved everyone having a looky at us, a few wine bottles being smashed, a few glasses being stole, a few odd moments of peeing ans spitting and all that rather ‘can’t do this in heels in the snow’ jiggery pokery.’ Note, none of this was by us. Yet when you’re surrounded by this, dressed as Barbie and James Dean, with a handbag and a vodka bottle…bad things will happen.

We got home early. We don’t know how. But i had blood all over my hands, and he slipped on the ice and mashes hiswhole face in, THEN got his wallet stolen by some thieving little ‘need to get a job’ munchkin. I didn’t see any of this, as we took separate forms of transport home.

When i got home, believe it or not ‘Lashes’was waiting for me on my doorstep, because he thought for my first night back i would need company. (Code for: He wanted sex) I’m glad he sis turn up though, cos i did need a good old cuddle. He just looked at me, told me i had blood on my hands, made me clean up and then put me to bed. He stayed on the other side and spooned me all night.

I’m from now on going to be good for 2010. I really promise…

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